If you believe what is being implied by the latest Bones promo, there is a decent chance that everything is going to turn fully upside-down during the final episodes of the show’s sixth season. We knew there was a “Change in the Game” coming, but it now looks to be a doozy.

TVLine has posted a promo video for next week’s episode, “The Hole in the Heart.” The episode, which returns Bones to the multi-episode evil-sniper plot, has long been rumored to mark the death of some character.

And the video makes it look like that death will have a huge impact on Bones.

Click here to view the promo video.

As far as game-changing spoilers are concerned, I’m not even sure of where to begin. There are, however, some notable points:

  • Vincent Nigel-Murray is back and is, for some obscure reason, pretending to be a dinosaur.
  • The dinosaur will probably lose at arm-wrestling.
  • Evil sniper Jacob Broadsky is still evil. It’s possible he’s even more evil.
  • Someone is going to get shot.
  • Something happens, apparently between Booth and Brennan.

What does one make of all this spoilery craziness? In order to get the bad parts out of the way, let’s start with the sniper victim. Although I doubt we’re about to lose a series regular, the promo implies that the potential Broadsky victims are:

  • Hodgins (Not just before his baby is born — that would be too cruel.)
  • Cam (I guess it’s possible, but please, please, please no!)
  • Booth (No way in this universe.)
  • Angela (Again, baby.)
  • Sweets (We need that comic relief, so it’s unlikely.)

At least the promo doesn’t even try to make us believe that Brennan could get shot.

My guess is that we’re going to lose one of the (many) recurring characters. And, because he features prominently earlier in the promo (and because the actor plays a main character in Alphas, a new show debuting this summer), I’m very, very worried for Mr. Nigel-Murray.

But enough of the bad speculation — we need to move on to the good. Specifically, what happens in that bed scene? Are Brennan and Booth just comforting each other? Is this just a tease that will turn out to be nothing. Or…

All I can say is Brennan’s smile in response to Angela’s questioning is beyond tantalizing. Could the game possibly change that much?

We may now commence with the agonizing wait for answers.

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Who is going to get shot? What happens in that bed? Are Brennan and Booth going to go there? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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