This week Glee devoted a week to Fleetwood Mac, and the result was a confusing mix of overly dramatic storylines and a complete lack of character development. Sam’s big secret about being poor was treated like an after school special while Santana changed her mind about coming out, then changed it back without any explanation.

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However, I’ve made a promise to be more optimistic about Glee by spending every Wednesday looking at five things I genuinely loved about the episode, so here they are.

Sam Singing

Ever since Sam headlined the Justin Bieber Experience, he’s gone silent for the past five episodes, not singing a single solo. He finally got the chance to sing again (even if it was a brief bit in the big group performance of “Don’t Stop”). Chord Overstreet is a strong singer who deserves to sing a lot more than he does, so even a short solo from him was great to hear again. Hopefully we don’t go another five episodes without him singing, because if so, we won’t be hearing from him until the third episode of next season.

Quinn Defending Her Relationship

Maybe it’s just me, but I am 100% on Team Quinn in her quest against Rachel. While Rachel was busy trying to steal Finn back, Quinn laid down an ultimatum: No more Finn and Rachel duets. I love that Quinn prioritizes her relationship over the glee club, because she’s looking out for herself and her own future. It may not fit with the group dynamic, but it’s honest and sincere, which is more than I can say for Rachel’s claims that she’s not trying to get back with Finn.

Fondue for Two

Every single moment of Brittany’s new web show was hilarious, especially the introduction of her cat, Lord Tubbington. We desperately need more “Fondue” and a lot more of that adorable fat cat.

Relationship Nicknames

I love the shipping nicknames the show uses like Puckelberry, and this episode introduced two new ones: Tina Cohen Chang Chang and Pizes. They’re both superb and I’m beginning to think that Glee is only willing to pair characters up if they have a great nickname.

“Bratwurst Gobbler”

For me, the single funniest line of the episode was when Sam’s little sister said, “Don’t cry, Sammy.” But the INTENTIONALLY funniest line came from Sue when she referred to April Rhodes as a “bratwurst gobbler.” I did a spit take when I first heard it, and I wasn’t even drinking anything. That’s certainly one of the dirtiest things Glee has ever gotten away with, and I absolutely loved the return of crazy Sue.

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