One Tree Hill is great at blending weird comedy, dark drama and emotional revelations. The latest episode, set around Jamie Scott’s first Little League game, had all of that.

The Comedy: Quinn the Oompa Loompa

Ever since Quinn got shot, recovered and fought back against Psycho Katie in the first half of season 8, she’s been stuck in cute, light-hearted scenes with Clay. After spending most of last week’s episode singing “Eye of the Tiger” poorly, Quinn got a horribly orange spray tan this week before heading to Puerto Rico. I’m actually happy that she’s getting a chance to have fun, silly storylines after the hellish year she had.

The Drama: Justice for Ian Kellerman

In the most cathartic scene of the night, Julian, Clay and Nathan served up justice, Tree Hill-style, on Ian Kellerman for being responsible for the accident and letting his dad take the fall. They brought him to the bridge where Brooke and Jamie almost died, and Ian’s lack of interest first prompted Clay to tackle him off the bridge into the water. Then Julian drowned Ian a little bit (which reminded me a lot of when Dan “baptized” Clay in the ocean) and Nathan got to punch him. It may not actually make everything better, but it felt damn good, just like killing Osama bin Laden.

The story also opened up Nathan’s old wounds about his own dad as he bonded with August Kellerman about their fractured father-son relationships. Who would’ve guessed August would become such a good guy? I probably should’ve, because anyone who has a skateboarding dog named Dogust can’t be all bad.

The Emotion: The Miracle Pregnancy

Do you remember how Brooke revealed that she wasn’t able to get pregnant? It turns out that’s not true at all. After a confusing series of events in which Chase asked Alex for clean urine so he could get into the Air Force since he was forced to smoke a joint at the Kid Cudi show, we learned that Brooke and Julian are having a baby and staying in Tree Hill. Too quote Norm MacDonald, “Wait, What?”

It was a sweet moment, but unless her baby’s name is Jesus, I’m not sure how this happened, unless the next storyline is her suing the doctor who told her she’d never get pregnant for malpractice.

Next week on One Tree Hill: The girls go wild in Puerto Rico while the guys have a campout.

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