In an apparent attempt to cause heart attacks across the nation, the CW has released shirtless Arrow posters depicting four of the show’s hottest male stars. 

The new posters, which were posted on the show’s official Facebook page, feature Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Colton Haynes (Roy Harper), David Ramsey (Diggle) and Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson) in all of their incredibly fine, shirtless glory. 

After looking at (okay, drooling) over the photos, it’s clear to see that all of them men of Arrow have been working out hard over the summer hiatus. If the posters are any indication, the eye candy (which was already cranked up pretty high in Season 1) will be taken to soaring levels in Season 2. 

This question is probably a lot like asking someone to pick their favorite child, but if you had to pick out who was hotter in the posters below, who would it be? 

Would it be Oliver with steely gaze and tattoo/scar-ridden body? 

Would it be Diggle with arms so immense they look almost unreal? 

Would it be Slade with his black gloves and stubble? 

Would it be Roy Harper’s well-defined pecs and sculpted arms?

Cast your vote below and let us know which of the amazing hot shirtless Arrow stars you think is the hottest of them all! 

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(Images courtesy of CW)

Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV