Zap2it readers are picking Lost to win in the Outstanding Drama Series category at this years Emmy awards.  This data comes on the heels of prediction data that says that either Heroes or Lost will get a nomination in the category, but not both.   While the race may be tight amongst the actual Emmy voters, entertainment media, and various other armchair Emmy forecasters, there was no contest where Zap2it’s readership was concerned.

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Bill said: Sheesh… Lost didn’t even get *nominated* for Outstanding Drama Series. Wow, what a load.

Anonymous said: seriously, if lost doesnt get this one…then ditto to emmy voters having no sense of theatre

lostfanboy16 said: GO LOST!!!!

Indeed, by Zap2it’s poll numbers, Heroes wasn’t even a close second place.  That honor belonged squarely to another freshman show, Friday Night LightsLost managed 23.4% of the total votes and edged out Friday Night Lights by a healthy 3.6%.  Zap2it did not report who came in third place.

In the Comedy category, Zap2it’s readers were resoundingly unanimous.  NBC’s The Office won the award by 36.2% of the vote, doubling runner up Ugly Betty.

The poll was based off the rumored ten show short lists, which were leaked to TheEnvelope by voters within the Emmy process.  Instead of having to choose from five shows like the Emmy judges will, Zap2it readers were able to choose from the entire list.

Preceding the poll, TheEnvelope released predictions for the nominations that were stunning.  First, the actual Emmy voters are calling for Heroes, not Lost, to get a nomination in the Outstanding Drama Category.  Secondly, they are in agreement that 24 will also get nominated, despite delivering a famously bad season.

These predictions come from only four of the Emmy voters, which is a nearly negligible percentage of the total voters.  The press predictions are, of course, informed conjecture at best.  TheEnvelope’s own prediction is that Lost will ultimately snatch the slot that Emmy voters currently favor Heroes for.

Interestingly, the only slot in the predicted bottom five that seems controversial is the one favored for either Heroes or Lost, although some predictions have Friday Night Lights surprisingly taking the slot from both.  In a year that saw both shows garnering significant praise, it is hard to imagine why Lost and Heroes would not face off in the Outstanding Drama category.  Apparently, the Emmy voters have no sense of theater.

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