Carol Journey thought she’d be in a house full of strangers for the summer.  Unfortunately for her, on the first day inside the Big Brother house, an ex-friend from high school came walking down the stairs, forever ruining the chances of Carol fully enjoying herself in the Big Brother house.  From that point on, Carol, a 21-year-old student at the University of Kansas, was looked upon as a non-game player, someone who wasn’t into the scheming and deception that her fellow houseguests were already practicing.  Thus, she became the first evicted houseguest of Big Brother 8.  Carol took some time to speak with us earlier this morning about her experience on the show. 

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The first day you’re in the house, you’re sitting there waiting for the three people to come downstairs, at any time did you think that one of those three people could be someone from your past?

I honestly had no idea it was going to be anyone from my past, I was sitting there thinking of anyone and anything that it could be and nothing of significance came to mind whatsoever.  I was listening to the other houseguests talk about their horror stories of previous encounters and I had nothing in comparison to those so it honestly did not even cross my mind that I would be involved in that twist.

So when Jessica comes down, compared to the other two sets of enemies, it seemed you guys were both pretty indifferent to each other being there.

Very much so, I was just kind of honestly shocked to see her walk down the stairs, I thought that our conflict was so petty to the other two conflicts, I mean the scorned lovers and the love-hate relationship between the father and daughter were so much more impacting on the show than two friends who got in a fight in 8th grade.

Yesterday, we got to see Jessica’s side of the story of how you two started feuding, is that how it happened, or is there something else that you would say was more important in you two starting to have a bad relationship?

You know, I honestly, I can’t remember what our fight was about.  I don’t know where she got this whole five-dollar thing, but wherever in her mind she thought that that was significant, I don’t know.  But I honestly think it was just a he-said, she-said sort of thing where words got twisted and a fight broke out and we never made up and never buried the hatchet.

Besides Jessica, what were your first impressions of the rest of the cast?

The cast in general, you could definitely see who the clowns were and who the characters were, the people who were going to stand out and make a spectacle of themselves.  It was obvious from the very second we walked in the house who would be those people.  Then you also noticed the people that laid low and sat back and kind of observed and waited for things to happen to them, as opposed to them making things happen, that’s two perspectives you could take on it.

Getting ready to go into the house, what were your expectations on how it would be and what was the most different than what you thought it would be?

The thing that was most different for me, was I considered a way of approaching the game and I thought of a way of how I wanted to be while I was in the house, but then as soon as Jessica walked down the stairs it completely changed everything and just made my situation so much more uncomfortable and so much more difficult.  I would have felt like I would have been able to enjoy myself and I would have had so much more fun had she not been there.

Yeah, from my view, from what we got to see of you on the episodes, you seemed more put off by her presence than anything, it definitely skewed your game and you got this reputation as this non-game player, would you say that’s because she was there?

I can definitely say that that was because she was there.  I mean, I can’t really say that I was much of a game-player in the first place, that’s because my strategy was pretty much non-aggressive, but I had expectations of having fun and taking a lot of joy out of the events and whatnot, and just having her there, having to share that with her, just ruined any sort of enjoyment I could get out of the whole experience. 

Looking back on the houseguests and the house, who did become closest with and who would you want to continue a relationship with after the show ends?

The two girls I got the closest with were Jen and Kail. I just found them both to be very genuine people, and I just had so much fun talking to them and hanging out with and getting to know them.  I thought they were great girls, I hope to stay in contact with them.  And as for the boys, the only ones I could see myself staying in contact with are Joe and Eric, but that’s about it.

Now that you know that Eric is America’s player, did you sense anything a little off about him, where you might have thought Eric was playing for the other team?

The only thing that I can think of with Eric is that he was so much more reserved than anyone else.  Like other people gave me thoughts and ideas and opinions, whereas Eric would give absolutely nothing to anyone, like it wasn’t just me it was to every other single player in the house, he wasn’t willing to share a single tidbit whatsoever.  I mean, that did throw me off a lot, it did make me question and then as soon as I was informed he was America’s player it honestly all fell into place and it made so much more sense.

Can we get some predictions here, who do you think is going to win this thing?

I think Jen’s going to win.  People may think I’m dumb for thinking that, but I really just think that people underestimate her and I think she’s going to be like Janelle where everyone thinks that she’s a dumb blonde, or the dumb brunette in this case, I really think she’s just going to sweep the competitions and take everybody by surprise.

All right Carol, what’s coming up for you in the future, just going back to school?

I’m going back to the University of Kansas and finishing my degree.

(Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl)
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