The next two weeks will be big ones for Lost fans.  The studio press tours will no doubt bring some new information, perhaps word on a new time slot.  Thursday will bring the  Emmy award nominations, and next week fans will receive what is expected to be a huge download of information from the Lost Season Four panel at the San Diego Comic Con.   Lost fans should savor every moment, though.  It looks like once the Comic Con panel has passed, the Lost creative team will be going back into information lock down as the fourth season begins filming.

So far, sources close to mainstream media have said that the publicists for the show are not scheduling any interviews for producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse until fall.  This could be an effort to contain information regarding the show in the wake of last year’s devastating finale leak, or it could be simply to control the timing of hype inducing sound bites.

With seven long months remaining before Lost is scheduled to return to the air, it would be virtually impossible to meter out enough tidbits to sustain a hype campaign without either giving away too much, or becoming incredibly repetitive.   This could be a case of ABC allowing the absence-afflicted hearts of Lost fans to grow founder.

After details concerning the season three finale’s twist ending were leaked onto message boards across the country, Disney executed an internal security audit in an attempt to figure out if the information had leaked from within the production.  No word has been released that would indicate the culprit was discovered, but the incident may have changed the way Lost producers handle the show’s biggest commodity, it’s twists and revelations.

Sometimes the biggest ‘spoilers’ are indeed extrapolated from comments made by the creative staff and information gleaned from set photos, rumors, or even preview clips. In the past such key moments as Michael (Harold Perrineau) turning on his fellow castaways, and the death of Niki and Paulo have been revealed by such serendipitous means.

Regardless of how large a percentage the spoiler issues contribute to the equation, ABC is certainly correct in assuming that every moment of silence will successfully build more anticipation amongst Lost’s rabid fan base.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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