Sunday is nomination day at the Big Brother house and, with Jen as the Head of Household, viewers knew going in that the gloves would come off.  Tonight’s episode didn’t disappoint.  Jen’s nominations were brutal, and her reasoning was bizarre.  But, it made for good television.  Tonight’s episode featured the nominations, a food competition, an inspired drinking game, and a explanation of the Big Brother house’s negative vibes.  Let’s get our recap on!

Jen Talks About Herself

Most of the houseguests were clearly shocked after Jen won Sunday’s Head of Household competition.  The tie-breaker question (“How many gallons of water does the teacup in the backyard hold?”) was actually a trick question.  The teacup had an entrance, so in reality it only held nine gallons.  Anyway, the houseguests don’t like that Jen’s HoH, mostly because everyone finds her insufferable.  We get example after example of Jen talking about herself.  It’s, actually, the only thing she does and it’s annoying everybody.  Mike, Dustin and Zach create a drinking game in which they take a drink every time Jen says “I”.  Hysterically, Jen joins them right after the creation of the game and they play right in front of her while she talks about herself. 

Here’s the main thing to take away from this episode (because they spent most of the hour hammering it into our brains): Jen is a vapid, self-obsessed, dumb, mean person who nobody likes.  The kind of person who takes down the one picture of their mother in the HoH room because they aren’t wearing make-up in said picture.  The kind of person who will walk into a room where two people are napping and commence to talk about themselves until the people wake up. 

I Like These Houseguests

The other thing I took away from the episode was that CBS did one hell of a job casting this season.  It’s full of interesting, diverse, funny, energetic characters.  At one point in the episode, we watch Nick and Mike lifting weights in the backyard, accompanied by an extremely funny  running commentary from Dustin and Zach.  That and the drinking game and the overall feel inside the house is good and I applaud CBS for their work in bringing this group together.

Eating Pie has Never Been Less Fun

The food competition this week was called “Name That Pie”.  The houseguests split into two teams (guys vs. girls + Joe) and play the pie version of Name That Tune.  The contestants take turns facing off, saying “I can name that pie in (blank) bites.”  Then the person has to take however many bites they declared of an unnamed pie and figure out what the two ingredients in the pie are.  The list of ingredients are shown on a big board.  The combinations in the pie were disgusting (Salmon and Mint, Bacon and Pineapple, Apple and Sausage) and the houseguests didn’t have much fun tasting it all.  The boys win, but barely.  The girls and Joe are now on slop for the rest of the week. 

Dick Says What Everyone Else is Thinking

Finally, Dick snaps and confronts Jen.  Dick was one of the two people sleeping, taking a nap, when Jen walks in and starts yapping away. Dick, after fuming to everyone in the house, finds Jen and starts telling her off, in front of Jameka and Dustin, saying that she needs to start treating other people with respect and to stop being so self-absorbed.  He really gives it to her, and she deserves it, but none of what Dick says seems to sink in with Jen.  She just shrugs it off, smiles and waves to the camera.

Jen Nominates the Negative Vibes

Being the nomination episode, there’s a lot of speculation early on about who Jen will nominate.  Eric’s (America’s Player) task tonight was to try and convince Jen to nominated Jessica, but that didn’t get much traction.  Joe asks Jen what he can do to get Dustin nominated.  Jen’s not having any of that either.  When the nominations are made, it’s not really a shock, but it’s still kind of crazy.

Daniele and Dick are nominated.  Neither of the father/daughter combo are on good terms with Jen.  She’s clearly jealous of Daniele and the time she spends with Nick (who flirted like crazy throughout the episode). When giving her rationale for the nominations at the nomination ceremony, Jen speaks about how Dick and Daniele bring a ton of “negative vibes” into the house.  It’s a load of crap.  Dick says that he will not campaign against his daughter.  I wouldn’t put it past Dick or Daniele winning the Power of Veto, but if both remain on the block, it could be an interesting vote.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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