This episode of Sons of Anarchy focuses on Jax, Chibs and Tig preparing for their upcoming incarceration. While feeling more like a teaser for next week’s prison party, the plot’s progressing nicely. That’s more than can be said for the Sons’ pre-penitentiary plans, which occasionally left me scratching my head. Let’s play a game called “Good Idea, Bad Idea” with how SAMCRO gets in gear for going inside.

Good (But Awkwardly Executed) Idea: Tig Sends His Daughter Out of Town

Tig ensures his daughter Fawn doesn’t go down in flames (literally) like his other daughter, Dawn. Too bad he does it in the most awkward way possible, walking in on Fawn while she’s crotch wrestling her boyfriend. Luckily Tig responds gracefully and pistol whips him off of her. Meeting the parents isn’t always hard for everyone.

Afterward, he sends Fawn out of town with her man. While at first glance it may seem smarter to keep her close to the Sons’ protection, the MC doesn’t have the best record lately of keeping folks safe. Getting her out of there is a good idea. 

Bad Idea: Jax Gets Hitched

If I was potentially prison-bound for life, I would do exactly what Jax and Tara do this episode. I would walk up to her and say, “Hey babe, you know I’m off to jail where I could potentially get shivved multiple times at any point, so let’s get married!” Oh wait, that’s an incredibly dumb idea. How dumb is it? Gemma makes a point of telling Tara she’s the “only one who knows” how she’s feeling. Congrats, Tara! You’re one step closer to becoming Gemma. Not like you hate her or anything.

Good Idea: Getting the CIA to CYA

Finally, something good comes out of SAMCRO’s cartel connections. Jax and company meet with Romeo, pressuring him to make sure they’ve got proper protection in prison. If the Galindo cartel wants this gun deal to go down, they’ll make sure to keep everyone alive … maybe.

Bad Idea: Opie Punches Out Cops, Joins Jailbirds

Okay, yeah I’m sure Jax and the boys could use some protection outside of what the cartel can provide. That’s probably why Opie punches some cops in the face and gets hauled off to jail too. You know what they could use more? Someone who has morals which are rapidly vanishing amongst SAMCRO. Morals like Opie has, which would be far more useful put to work on the outside when discord may grow as the Sons of Anarchy’s president is hauled off to the slammer. It’s an incredibly short-sighted move.

Though this episode lags in places, I can’t wait for next week’s show. Previews make it seem like maybe one of the jailbirds won’t make it out of prison alive, which will definitely make me tune in. Do you think SAMCRO’s fully prepared for their stint in jail, or will it not be enough for everyone to survive? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
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Daniel Mikelonis

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