Welcome back, Bones! There’s something different about you that we can’t quite put our finger on…

The season premiere jumps ahead three months from when we last saw the Jeffersonian gang. While some things remain the same, there’s also a lot of change after Brennan, baby Christine and her father go on the run.

While the episode, as expected — and in an entertaining way — frees Brennan of all wrongdoing and reunites her and Christine with Booth, it’s the unexpected ending that’ll leave everyone talking.

The Cat With Nine Lives

Pelant is like the bug that doesn’t go away. Even if you’re sure you’ve squashed it, it somehow manages to emerge somewhere else — and this time, it’s even more dangerous than before.

Like the ending. I did not see it coming. 

On one hand, I think it was time to wrap up his storyline since he’s been been an ongoing arc throughout the series. I wonder if the character had extended his welcome on the show. But on the other hand, the character is so entertainingly creepy. Does anyone else get slightly mesmerized by his dark stare? And he’s been causing so much frustration for everyone that it’s not surprising the show gave him new life.

But no one could’ve guessed Pelant would create a new identity — one of Egyptian nationality. Since the people from his “home” country are bringing him back home, he won’t get his day in court — probably ever — unless Brennan, Booth and crew prove Pelant’s identity is fake, but that seems near impossible.

It’s not surprising Pelant has Plan 2 hatched since, after all, he’s a genius freak. I’m thinking he created this new alias when he realized the Jeffersonian was closing in on him. Because he’s been in police custody before, there’s no way his files could’ve said something else at the time when he’d been on probation/tethered.

What Pelant does from here on out, and how that’ll impact Brennan and everyone else, remains to be seen. Since he’s technically been released, I’m assuming he’ll get all of his computer equipment back, which means he can continue his crazy ways from thousands of miles away.

I can’t wait to see what his next move is — one can only assume it’ll be what the marigold that Pelant gives Brennan symbolizes: pain and grief.

Back Together — Now What?

Brennan and Booth’s reunion brings out all types of excitement from the motel room “fight”/kiss to the laundry room scene, but the pessimist in me can’t help but think there’s a bumpy road ahead for them.

And what’s so great about watching these two is that all of the relationship issues they go through are real. Well, minus the one partner having to be on the run because she’s accused of murder — after all, this is a television show.

But Brennan leaves — with the baby! — without telling Booth. Even the most understanding person in the world will harbor some ill will after being walked out on. You can even tell in the laundry scene that things aren’t 100% right with these two.

Brennan leaving doesn’t just affect Booth’s relationship with her, but his with Angela as well. I wonder if this is something that will be explored.

But for the premiere, it’s satisfying to see the two share their moment together.

Points to Ponder 

— What’s the meaning behind Agent Flynn retrieving the discarded marigold from the trash can?

— Hodgins almost choking Pelant to death is almost as surprising as the episode’s ending. Sure, it would be nice to see Pelant dead, but doing so by the hands of one of our beloved characters is not the way to go! Is there a bigger issue with Hodgins’ temper/anger?

— How will two forensic anthropologists co-exist in the Jeffersonian? Sure, Brennan will be handling the crimes, while Clark will be doing serious archaeological work. But having two of them means having to fight for resources, space and staffers. I’m very interested to see how this plays out from here on out. 

— Now that he’s done helping his daughter escape authorities, what will Max do next? Will he hang out in Washington being the dutiful grandfather — or will he somehow be making his way to Egypt? 

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Esther Gim
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