CBS International has decided to pay a special tribute to NCIS at this year’s MIPCOM, a massive media event which is held every year in Cannes during the month of October. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Michael Weatherly, who plays Anthony DiNozzo on the hit series, as well NCIS executive producer Gary Glasberg, will fly out for the event. 

NCIS will have a lot to celebrate at the conference this year. The series going into its 10th season as one of the most watched TV shows worldwide. The show has been quite the money machine for CBS on the global TV market. It was also named Europe’s Top Imported Drama in 2011 by Digital TV Research and was among the top 10 U.S. series that aired in Canada, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Poland and Australia through August this year.

Armando Nunez, president of CBS Studios International had this to say about the tribute: 

“Over the years, NCIS has grown into the global powerhouse it is today. It is a thrill to be able to celebrate the show’s tenth season with Executive Producer Gary Glasberg and original cast member Michael Weatherly in Cannes with the broadcasters who have made it a top performer in their local markets.”

During the conference, Glasberg will attend a press conference with the international media there and will also participate in a Creative Talks master class to discuss the secrets behind his show’s success.

MIPCOM 2012 runs October 8-11 in Cannes.

It’s stories like these that reminds me that though NCIS is a show made in the United States, it has an appeal that crosses many oceans. I’ve met a lot of people who have been touched by the show in different countries so I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that it would garner such attention at an international conference like MIPCOM. 

As a loyal view of NCIS, I have to admit to a certain amount of pride when I heard the news of the tribute. Not many shows make it past their first season these days and yet here we are with NCIS going into its tenth season. The best part for me is the fact that the show only seems to be getting better and more popular with age. 

What do you think of NCIS getting a tribute at MIPCOM? 

(Image courtesy of CBS)

Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV