Clone Club, I know it’s a sad day. Orphan Black season 4 is officially over and the wait to season 5 seems like forever. We got some answers, but we were, of course, left with many unanswered questions.

Here are 46 questions I hope will be answered in the series’ fifth and final season. (I’m sure you have others, so head to the comments with yours.)

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1. Will Season 5 Pick up Right Where Season 4 Left Off?
This definitely seems like one of those instances where there can’t be a time jump. Multiple characters’ lives are in danger and Rachel’s about to receive a very important visit. There can’t be a time jump, right?

2. Will Sarah Survive?
The answer to this is probably as close to 100% as it can get, but given how the finale ended, it has to be asked.

3. How Will Sarah Be Saved?
This is perhaps the more fitting question than the first one. Yes, she has her phone, but she’s also on an island where she has few allies — and she doesn’t even know where the ones she has (Cosima and Delphine) are — and she needs immediate medical attention. Even if the Messenger’s people find her, she still won’t necessarily be safe. (Remember Delphine’s warning for Cosima.)

4. Could Season 5 Begin with Sarah Waking up as Rachel’s Prisoner?
This may be a bit out there, but maybe Mr. Westmoreland (who, remember, “will see [Rachel] now — questions about that later) wants Sarah saved because she is immune. But could that make her the latest person to be locked inside Westmoreland/Rachel’s old room? (If so, hopefully without Susan’s body.)

5. Is Susan Dead?
Last we saw her, Rachel locked her in that room and she was bleeding out. Unless Mr. Westmoreland wants to save her, something tells me that’s it for her.

6. What’s Ferdinand Going to Do with Mrs. S and Kira?
Is he going to turn them over to anyone else? Does Mrs. S saving him from MK’s bomb really mean nothing to him?

7. Why is Kira So Special?
It’s something that may never be answered at this point, but is it just because she’s the daughter of a clone?

8. Will Kira’s Vision of the Sisters Setting Sarah on Fire Come into Play?
As Kira told Cosima, she saw the sisters setting her mother on fire because she was changing, and we’ve come to learn that she can feel what the sisters are feeling.

9. Will Cosima Survive?
This isn’t new for these burning questions, but now that she has a functioning therapy, the answer should be yes. However, given that Delphine warned her they’re not safe, until I see her given the cure and it is explicitly said that she is cured, I’m going to be worried.

10. With that Functioning Therapy, Can Cosima Cure Herself and Her Sisters?
Remember, this show is about human experiments. Again, until it is explicitly said and shown to work, I’m going to be worried.

11. Will Cosima Be Able to Get off the Island to Her Sisters to Bring Them the Cure?
Delphine warned her about the people they’re with, and something tells me they’re not just going to let a clone walk away and leave the island.

12. Will We Meet Anyone from Cosima’s Family?
It does seem like that’s probably off the table since we didn’t see anyone all this time while Cosima’s been dying.

13. How Long Will Cosima and Delphine Be Together Again?

OB Qs 1.jpgIt seems that Delphine has herself in a bit of a pickle with the Messenger, his people and a mystery man.

14. Is the Man That Delphine and the Messenger Were Talking About Westmoreland?
The Messenger was at the house when Rachel arrived and part of her visions via the eye that Westmoreland built, so it’s not too much of a stretch to assume that they’re connected.

15. Who Exactly Is the Messenger?
And who are the people with him?

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16. Where’s Charlotte?
She wasn’t with Cosima and Delphine at the end of the finale, and I can’t help but worry where she could have been taken — and if Cosima will be able to get to her.

17. How Long Will Alison and Donnie Be Hiding out with Helena?
Even though Duko is no longer a problem, there are still corrupt cops out there (like Collier) and they’re still on Neolution’s radar.

18. Speaking of the Police, Will Collier Now Be a Threat?
We saw him call Evie about Kendra, but with Evie out, will he just work for Dr. Van Lier or Rachel or someone else?

19. Will Alison Embrace the Sestrahood in a Way She Hasn’t?
She’s always been the one who would rather life be normal and has tried to stay out of clone business the best she can, but could that change, especially given how her sisters have helped her lately, saving Donnie in prison and saving herself and Donnie from Frank?

20. Will Alison Be Next to Get Sick?
She hasn’t shown symptoms yet, but it is possible.

21. Speaking of Sick Clones, Will MK Let the Others Know She’s Sick?
I’m assuming that once she hears they have a functioning therapy, she will.

22. Will MK Officially Join the Others or Remain the Girl in the Shadows?

23. How Worried Should Alison and Donnie Be About the Bodies in Their Garage with the Police Looking Closely at Them Now?
That’s not exactly something that’s easy to explain away, especially since Donnie is directly responsible for one of those deaths.

24. Will Helena Give Birth?
Since it is going to be the final season, I’m going to assume that she will. When she does will probably depend on any possible time jumps and the pacing of the season.

25. What Will Helena’s Babies Be Like?
Will they be special like Kira?

26. Will Krystal Join Clone Club?

OB Qs 2.jpgShe couldn’t see the likeness between herself and Sarah in the finale (imagine if she meets Helena!) but as has been said before, they’re safer together. And since Krystal has a habit of finding herself in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time and somehow sort of figuring stuff out, it’s probably safer for her to stick with the sisters.

27. Will Another Leda Clone Die?
It’s about time, isn’t it? I love (almost) all of them, but given it’s going to be the final season, doesn’t it feel like at least one more has to die?

28. Will Rachel Survive Season 5?
Given her betrayal of the sisters and what she did to Sarah in the finale, I find it hard to see a future where Rachel lives and isn’t a threat. Look what she came back from already! Perhaps the better question is…

29. Will Rachel Die from the Illness or Be Killed?
Yes, Rachel has (some of) the science (thanks to Cosima’s quick stop as she left the house), but who’s to say she keeps it or that she gets the cure? Maybe no one has to kill her and they just let her die.

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30. Will the Board Actually Restart Human Cloning as Rachel Presented It?
She suggested they combine Susan’s baseline with Evie’s implants, put bots in clones. “We operate in countries where human cloning is not illegal, where our corporation supersedes their citizenship, their personhood,” she said. “So why grant them this illusion of freedom? If we want to know if our lab rats’ tails will grow back, we damn well will cut them off and see!” It’s insane. It’s diabolical. It may be a bit much to actually do in a final season with so much else to address.

31. How Worried Should Clone Club Be About the Board?
I doubt that they’re just going to leave the sisters alone since they pose a threat.

32. Will We Learn Anything About These Other Groups?

OB Qs 3.png
33. How Is Westmoreland Alive?!
Susan revealed to Rachel that Westmoreland, the man who wrote the book On the Science of Neolution over a century ago, built her eye and is “getting capricious in his old age” and “losing his patience for natural selection.” Apparently that’s not impossible for him. Oh, and after Rachel told the board the science is secure, Dr. Van Lier said, “Mr. Westmoreland will see you now.” How?! (Is he “the Director” mentioned last season?)

34. Is Westmoreland Someone We’ve Seen Before?

35. Will We Meet More Leda Clones?
Kira’s comment that there are sisters they don’t even know out there suggests we will.

36. Will Tony Be Back?
Staying away from everything might be the safer choice.

37. Will We Meet More Castor Clones?
Ira and (presumably) Mark are still kicking, but are there any others out there? Ira was raised away from his brothers (and is markedly different), so there could always be another one out there in a similar position. (Crazy thought: there’s a Leda or Castor with Mr. Westmoreland or one of the board?) Will Castor truly die out?

38. Where’s Ira?
When we saw that Ferdinand had Mrs. S and Kira, Ira wasn’t there, but they had kept him from going with Sarah to the island as collateral.

39. What’s Going on with Mark and Gracie?
They’re presumably still out there somewhere.

40. Which Characters from the Past 4 Seasons Will Be Back? And Who Will Learn About Clones Who Doesn’t Already Know?
Cal? Jesse? Vic? Angie?

41. Will We Learn More About Cal’s Past/His Secrets?
This is one of those cases where it may really depend on actor availability.

42. Will We Get Flashbacks to Beth Meeting Alison and Cosima?
We saw a bit of those relationships in the season 4 premiere, but what was it like for them to find out about clones?

43. What About Katja Flashbacks?

OB Qs 4.jpg
44. Will We Learn More About Art?
We got to see him with Beth and with his daughter in the season 4 premiere, but given that he’s on Neolution’s radar (where no one wants to be), could we see more about his personal life, perhaps because those closest to him will be in danger?

45. Is Rabbit Hole Comics Still Secure Enough for Them to Operate Out of Next Season?
Considering Ferdinand knows where the safe house is, that one’s out. But so far, Rabbit Hole Comics has been a good front for their basement lab. However, there is a question of whether or not Duko told anyone that’s where Alison told him Sarah would be. Yes, they set a trap for him there and it seems that Neolution has no idea that he went there (or they’d be kicking down doors already), but will they have to change bases in season 5?

46. How Will It All End?
What will the final scene of the finale be? Which clones will still be alive when it’s over?

Orphan Black‘s fifth and final season will air on BBC America in 2017.

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