MOTY — Man of the Year Award! George Tucker, the best guy ever, wins, but … this is the saddest, most complicated and best episode of Hart of Dixie.

Zoe Bon Jovi

Since Dr. Ethan Hart isn’t even attempting to be a father, Zoe decides to no longer be a Hart. She’s changing her name to … Zoe Bon Jovi. J.K., y’all, only in my recaps! George and Zoe Bon Jovi have a quick bonding sesh over daddy issues. Oh man, do I still adore these two together; I know I am supposed to be loyal to Wade and Zoe fans (shippers — what is their nickname?), but I really sense the connection between Zoe and George.

Since, to the surprise of everyone, George Tucker wins Man of the Year, everyone is conflicted. Of course, Lavon Hayes must give the speech. Zoe’s suggestion to start it: “One score and nine years ago … Mrs. Tucker brought forth … from her lady parts.” Zoe, you’re a doctor! I’m sure you could have thought of something more clinical, but I’m thankful that you didn’t.

Lavon’s speech is literally one line, and Zoe, being a doctor and all, saves him from word vomit. Her speech is a little too heartfelt, perhaps. Lemon, insecure as ever, ousts Zoe’s crush. What a witch with a ‘B.’

It doesn’t help that Lemon now knows that Zoe knows, you know? As if Lemon didn’t hate Zoe enough, she will hate her even more for forcing Lemon to tell George about the past affair. Because Zoe might do it subconsciously or when she’s drunk or when Lemon chases Zoe with an axe in the middle of the town? Yeah, the hypothetical just went there.

Pity Party for Poor Wade

First and foremost about Wade: What up with Wade’s hair? I. Am. Not. Liking. It.

“Sippin’ Whiskey” is kind of a cool band name, I embarrassingly admit. Too bad Magnolia’s crushing on Wade and will ruin it. (I’m not a Magnolia fan.) Anyone else creeeeepppppped out by Magnolia and Wade’s little moments? Dude, she’s 14 and obviously crushing. It ain’t appropriate to write a song with her.

But she does serve the purpose of informing poor old Wade that Zoe kind of loves George. It crushes his poor old heart, so … alcohol. Last time alcohol was involved with Wade and Zoe, they parked in a car (Buffy and 90’s reference!). Oh, how they can pity pine.

Wade performs the song drunk for George Tucker. But psyche! He realizes that George is too good for all of these problems.

The George Tucker Part

AKA — ┬áthe most important part. Here is the thing about George Tucker: He really is a good man. A lot of times, this is a problem on TV. Who wants to watch a goody-goody each week continue to make better decisions? How can you keep characters like this interesting? I guess you need a charismatic actor. Cue Scott Porter, who is great in this episode.

During MOTY’s ceremony night, Lemon and her minions do this weird performance. It makes me uncomfortable. Especially since it is cut with George and his father fighting, his father back stage. But the result is powerful: George may lose his father.

George irrationally blames Lemon; if she hadn’t put doubt in his mind, George could have forgiven his father as Mr. Tucker turned a new page.

So here’s the irrational stuff that makes characters human. George’s father collapsing and needing surgery? Well, that’s a plot that can go miles, especially on a cute little medical show.

Because Brick introduced to George has another option: He can get Zoe to call her father to do surgery on Zoe’s dad. Zoe has feelings for George, she would do it even if she is estranged from her father. Holy crap! Show, when did you become amazing?

George is still a good man, he says no. But Wade — the overlooked good guy — does it for him! Zoe does call her dad. George and Zoe grow a little closer, to the chagrin of Lemon and Wade. And all for a character that is a good guy. Who says good guys can’t be good television?


I absolutely adored this episode: did not see where it would go at all. It’s a culmination of a bunch of people’s wants and needs coming together and forcing conflict. Zoe likes George, George loves Lemon, Lemon loves George but had a thing with Lavon, Lavon dislikes George because of it, Zoe saves Lavon and shows her feelings, and Lemon must now tell George everything before anyone else does. Of course, Brick sees Zoe’s crush and is willing to exploit it. I don’t know: everyone’s wants are coming to a head. I just really enjoyed this.

What about y’all? Do you love good guy George Tucker as much as I do? Was this the best episode of the season? How sad are you that it won’t come back until April? Sound off in the comments below!

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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Emily E. Steck

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