If the True Blood season 3 finale taught us anything, it’s that Bill Compton is a very bad man. Not only did he try to kill Eric and Pam, but we learned that his entire relationship with Sookie was a lie.

After Eric and Russell were saved from burning to death, Eric enacted a new plan to stop Russell inspired by visions of Godric who told him not to kill the king. Instead, Eric enlisted Bill’s help in taking Russell to a construction site to bury him alive in cement.

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However, Bill decided to turn on Eric and throw him into the cement as well before ordering a hit on Pam. Luckily Pam avoided death and saved Eric, because she’s awesome.

Why would Bill do this? He claimed it was part of a plan to keep Sookie safe and destroy everyone who knows she’s a fairy, but in reality, it was to avoid a very painful secret. It turns out Bill’s entire relationship with Sookie started when the queen sent him to retrieve her. Even worse, Bill let the Rattrays beat up Sookie back in the pilot so he could save her and feed her his blood as a way of getting close to her.

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Needless to say, this ended their relationship. In the end, Bill decided to try and kill the queen to continue his path of destruction while Sookie was taken away to a magical fairy land by her fairy godmother, Claudine.

For everyone else on True Blood, the season 3 finale was a mix of good news and bad news.


Good News: She decided to chop off her hair and get a sassy new look.

Bad News
: After learning Sam is a shifter and her mom is sleeping with the reverend, Tara decided to leave Bon Temps for good. Let’s hope that’s not permanent.


Good News: It turns out Jesus is a witch and he wants to teach Lafayette to use magic.

Bad News: Lafayette’s witch powers come with seeing messed up visions of Sam with blood on his hands and Rene strangling Arlene.


Good News: Um, he’s still good looking. That’s pretty much it.

Bad News: He loses his job after warning the werepanthers about the DEA raid and he also has to take care of them after Felton leaves with Crystal.


Good News: He chooses Jessica and buys a new house for the two of them to live in after they get married.

Bad News: Hoyt’s mama bought a gun. That definitely won’t end well.


Good News
: He’s back to being friendly and he finally told Tara about being a shifter.

Bad News: Tommy stole his money and tried to get away, so Sam went after him and may have shot him.

Overall, the season finale had a lot to get excited about and left a lot of possibilities for season 4. We now have witches and fairies to explore along with learning more about the vampire Authority. Next summer can’t come soon enough.

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