If you’re still interested in finding out the identity of the Mother on How I Met Your Mother, you need to watch the show’s season 6 premiere Monday, September 20 at 8pm on CBS.

The show has dropped plenty of clues, from the yellow umbrella to the St. Patrick’s Day bar to seeing her heel in her apartment. But with the return of How I Met Your Mother, we find out some very crucial information about the actual meeting.

Here are just five reasons to check out the season 6 premiere.

The Return of Cindy

Last season we met Cindy, a girl Ted dated who is the Mother’s roommate. She returns in the season 6 premiere, and her big revelation is quite shocking.

Unsexy Robin

Robin doesn’t handle breakups well, and after getting dumped by Don, Robin is in a very bad place, which is great for comedy.

Marshall’s Dad

I love the continuity of the stories on HIMYM, but also the recurring cast. Bill Fagerbakke has appeared three times as Marshall’s father (once each in seasons 1, 4 and 5) and he returns once again to provide some hilarious moments in the season 6 premiere.

A Wedding

The premiere features flash forwards to a wedding. To say more might spoil the episode, but needless to say, this wedding is even more important to finding out who the Mother is than anything the show has done yet.

Marshall and Lily

Neil Patrick Harris might get all the award recognition, but Jason Segel is equally phenomenal. There’s a scene between Marshall and Lily at the end of the episode that is, in my opinion, the best acting Segel has ever done. Get your tissues ready.

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