And just like that, Rick and his team are on the road again. During “East,” the season 6 episode of The Walking Dead, several members of Alexandria ran off, causing widespread panic within the compound. Daryl decided to take on his personal vendetta against Dwight and took off unannounced, forcing Glenn, Michonne and Rosita to go after him. Carol, hoping to get away from the violent community that she believes Alexandria has become, also chose to leave. Rick and Morgan volunteered to find her, leaving Alexandria and all of its occupants behind.

This was a whirlwind of an episode and it left us with a lot to think about. Here are just a few questions we have after watching “East.”

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1) What Is Carl Plotting?

TheWalkingDead-106.jpgThe episode opened on a montage of character moments: Glenn and Maggie in the shower, Rick and Michonne cuddling in bed, and finally, Carl cradling a gun in his hands. There was no further mention of this moment in the episode, suggesting, perhaps, that Carl may be up to something. Will he step up to the plate and defend the camp in his father’s absence? 

2) Is Rosita Trying to Self-Destruct?

TheWalkingDead-565.jpgRosita is still clearly upset with Abraham, and she has good reason to be. In this episode, we saw her give him, and his new flame Sasha, a penetrating side-eye glare right before she volunteered to go after Daryl. Later, she decided to go with Daryl deeper into the forest to find Dwight, despite everything that has happened with Denise. Was Rosita purposefully putting herself in harm’s way to distract herself from her lingering feelings for Abraham? It sure looked like it. 

3) How Much Do the Saviors Know About Alexandria?

TheWalkingDead-350.jpgOn her way out of Alexandria, Carol encountered a group of Saviors that wanted to kidnap her and take her hostage. One of the Saviors pointed out that she came from the direction of the Alexandria compound, even pinpointing the camp’s exact coordinates and explaining how Carol’s car looked like ones coming from Alexandria. Though Carol shot the group down before she was able to learn more info about what they know, their brief comments about the community make us wonder how much intel they really have about Alexandria. 

4) Did Morgan Finally Get Through to Rick?

TheWalkingDead-805.jpgMorgan has been trying to convince Rick that killing is not always the way for some time now. While his opinion has been widely disregarded in the past, his words seemed to ring true for Rick in episode 15. At one point, Morgan prevented Rick from shooting a stranger, who ended up running off into the forest. He justified his decision by explaining to Rick the story of the Wolf and how he ended up saving Denise, who would go on to save Carl. The look in Rick’s eyes and his subsequent decision to trust Morgan and allow him to look for Carol solo suggests that maybe Morgan’s reasoning got through to him for once. 

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5) Will Morgan Come Back?

TheWalkingDead-813.jpgIn getting Rick to believe that people can change, Morgan, in some ways, has finally fulfilled his purpose in Rick’s storyline. Now that he’s accomplished that, will he need to come back at all? Even if he manages to find Carol and convince her to return, it’s pretty evident that Morgan’s days in Rick’s group are numbered.

6) Is Carol Going to Be Alive?

TheWalkingDead-380.jpgCarol is a tough lady. Or, at least, she was before her “kill count” panic caught up to her. Carol made her way out of Alexandria in the hopes of never needing to murder anyone again, only to have a standoff with a group of Saviors not one day into her journey. When Rick and Morgan followed her tracks, they found spots of blood and some newly dead zombies. Even if Morgan finds Carol, there’s no guarantee that she’s going to be alive, especially with Negan lurking around. 

7) Will Rick Get Attacked by the Rogue Savior?

TheWalkingDead-543.jpgLeaving Morgan to find Carol, Rick stormed off in the direction of the road at the end of the episode, the same road where the one surviving member of the defeated Savior crew had been hiding after Carol’s attack. Is the mysterious wounded Savior laying in wait to attack Rick when he least expects it? Or has he run off to report to Negan Rick and Morgan’s whereabouts? 

8) What’s Wrong with Maggie’s Baby?

TheWalkingDead-882.jpgWith Denise gone and the Hilltop doctor miles down the road, any complication with Maggie’s pregnancy could be problematic. That made it all the more unsettling when Maggie began screaming suddenly and clutching her stomach in pain in this episode. Enid’s desperate questioning didn’t lead us to an answer, but that degree of pain that early in a pregnancy is never a good sign. 

9) What’s Going to Happen to Glenn and Michonne?

TheWalkingDead-885.jpgNow that Michonne and Rick are happy and Glenn and Maggie have a baby on the way, it would only make sense for one of them to die because that’s the cruel cruel nature of The Walking Dead. The episode left off with Glenn and Michonne tied up to a tree, desperately trying to warn Daryl and Rosita not to come any closer. Will Negan use them as bait to get Rick to agree to his terms? Or will Daryl and Rosita fight their way out of this mess? Considering, of course, that Daryl is alive. Which brings us to our next question…

10) Is Daryl Alive?

TheWalkingDead-895.jpgThe episode ended with Dwight coming up behind Daryl and firing his gun, leaving the screen blood-stained. Dwight’s voiceover announced “you’ll be fine,” which isn’t all too comforting coming from an untrustworthy Savior. Would The Walking Dead actually kill off Daryl, one of the most beloved characters? Or did the splatter of blood just come from a massive shot to the arm? 

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11) Will Something Happen to Alexandria in Their Absence?

TheWalkingDead-215.jpgRick’s is gone, Carol’s missing, Michonne and Glenn are kidnapped, Morgan is God only knows where, Rosita is presumably captured and Daryl might be out of commission for the foreseeable future. This means that the only capable leaders still left at Alexandria are Abraham, Sasha, and (if you can call him a leader) Carl. Alexandria has never been so vulnerable, so it would be the perfect time for Negan’s team to strike.

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