Once Upon a Time continues to amaze. With each question that the show answers, it introduces more that are just as intriguing and push the story forward. In “Tallahassee” we finally found out how the “Mysterious Man” fits into the story, while also revealing Henry’s father. But, with that came questions of why he so willingly gave up his love, Emma, and left her to rot in prison.

Who is the Mystery Man?

His name is Neal and he was a thief. He was the love of Emma’s life, until he broke her heart when he not only abandoned her, but set her up to take the fall for his robbery. It’s too bad they didn’t just take off for Tallahassee. Or, is it? 

It was no surprise that Neal is Henry’s father, since that was one of the most popular guesses. The other guess has been that he is Bael, Rumple’s son. Or, that he is both. There wasn’t any indication either way about whether or not he is Rumple’s son, so it is still possible that he is both.

Could Bael be Henry’s Father?

Would Bael have lost his memory of his time in Fairy Tale Land when he came to the new world?  If not, it seems unlikely that Bael would be a thief, since he hated the unethical behavior of his father. Though, if he didn’t have a memory of that time, perhaps he did what he needed to survive. 

Also, there’s an age discrepancy. Bael was sent to the new world by the Blue Fairy well before the curse. So, if time in Fairy Tale Land and in our world is the same, Bael would be about the same age as his father, Rumple, since time stood still in Storybrooke for 28 years.

What was in the Box?

The big shocker of the night was August’s interference in Neal and Emma’s plans. After finding Emma, August was determined to fulfill his destiny to protect her and ensure that she break the curse. Though, what was in the box that immediately convinced Neal to agree to help August?

This was before Henry was born, but almost two decades after the curse was struck. Neither the book nor the typewriter would be convincing. I have absolutely no idea what could be in the box. It’s a mystery that I hope will be resolved quickly.

We also now know that it was August that sent Neal the postcard. Will Neal go in search of his former love, Emma? And, can he even enter Storybrooke? Their reunion will not be an easy one. Given all that Emma knows now, I suspect she will be quick to forgive Neal for helping her fulfill her destiny.

Emma’s Life After Neal and Before Storybrooke

If Emma was in prison for only 11 months, then she spent almost a decade out in the world before getting to Storybrooke. Why did it take so long for her to getthere to break the curse? She got the car that Neal left her, so August should have been able to track her after prison.

And, how did Gold find out about Henry? Was this all part of August’s plan? Or, are there greater forces at play? So many questions!

Fee Fi Fo Fum

In Fairy Tale Land That Is, Emma and Hook set up the beanstalk to face the Giant and find the compass they need to direct them back to Storybrooke. I was a little disappointed that the Giant didn’t say, “Fee Fi Fo Fum!” Isn’t that what giants are supposed to say?

Oh well. Overall, the trip up the beanstalk was fairly harmless. Emma magic powered the Giant and he went to sleep. Though, he did wake up, which caused Emma to use his own trip wire against him. 

It was interesting that Emma and the Giant came to trust one another. He gave her the compass and a way out. Plus, he agreed to release Hook after she had a 10 hour head start.

Emma isn’t a trusting person, so it made sense for her to leave Hook behind. Though, I really hope he doesn’t hold it against her, because they could make a good partnership in Fairy Tale Land and back in Storybrooke.

The Red Room

What the heck was up with Aurora and Henry having the same dream? And, seeing each other in the dream? It was frightening to both of them, but could it be a means of communicating with one another?

When they were put under the sleeping spell, could this location be where their consciousness was sent? If that’s the case, then perhaps they can communication between the realms with each other. I’m guessing that Snow is also familiar with the dreams. Perhaps, she can use them to reach out to her grandson herself or through Aurora.

Or, this could just be a frightening place and a sign of more danger to come. 

There are so many questions left unanswered. Do you think Neal is Bael? What was in the box? Do you want Emma and Neal to reunite or for her to hook up with Hook? And what do you make of the dreams?

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