Sunday is here again and that means Once Upon a Time is all new tonight! Yippee! Week after week, we’ve been learning all new tidbits about the characters destined to live in the twists and turns of Storybrooke. Tonight, we’ll learn the true story of someone who’s been around since the beginning of the story, yet only been seen here and there. Tonight, Ruby will have her time to shine!

The tale of Red Riding Hood is one of a young girl, terrorized by the Big Bad Wolf. Well, throw that version out the window because Red is fighting back. With the help of her new found friend Snow White, Red will risk her life to save Granny and the rest of the village. By the way, who do you think the wolf is?

David sits in the police station, speaking with Emma about Kathryn’s disappearance over a warm cup of coffee. “I didn’t do anything to my wife,” he says. Unfortunately, Emma isn’t believing everything out of this cheater’s mouth. She lets him go home, but advises that he get a lawyer.

At Granny’s, Ruby stands at August’s table, listening to his stories of traveling abroad. She’s pretty taken by his tale of lemurs. Granny isn’t having it, though. “Ruby, stop flirting!” She yells across the diner.

There’s a knock at a small house sitting in the snow. A young man, by the name of Peter, alerts that he’ll “huff and puff.” Red Riding Hood opens the window. They share a cute moment that’s cut short by the calling of Granny. She hurries to her grandmother who stands at the door, talking to a group of men about the wolf. Before the men are turned away, Granny reminds Red that she is to wear her red hood at all times; it repels wolves. Once Red has gone to bed, Granny sits at the door with a bow and arrow in hand, ready for anything.

Ruby confronts her grandmother, saying what she did was “embarrassing.” Granny doesn’t care, she just wants her granddaughter to focus on work. Every Saturday from now on she must stay behind and learn the books. Forget that! Ruby wants to travel and hang out with lemurs like August, who sits at his table giggling over a slice of pie. The argument grows and grows until Ruby storms out, yelling, “I quit!”

Red heads out of her home, hood on her back, into the chicken coop. She picks the eggs and begins to walk out, but hears a sound. Out pops Snow White who is hungry and cold. She introduces herself as “Margaret uh… Mary.” Together they go to fetch water, yet things just aren’t right. The well is full of blood. They turn to find the men from last night, slaughtered in the snow.

Emma and Mary Margaret run into one another on the streets of Storybrooke, discussing David. They then find Ruby talking to Dr. Whale; she has bags with her. He quickly makes his way from the women. Ruby tells the girls that she had an argument with Granny and M.M. invites her to stay with the two of them.

A village meeting is held in honor of the wolf. Peter and Ruby exchange cute little glances, but all this is put in the background as Granny steps forward. She tells the tale of her father and other men of the village who once set out to kill a wolf. None of them survived and Granny, who was spying, walked away with an ugly bite mark on her arm. “You don’t kill the wolf, you hide from it,” she warns.

Ruby and Snow sit on Ruby’s bed, having girl talk as Granny knits. They talk about Peter with big smiles. It’s obvious, though, that Granny keeps Ruby inside and out of harm’s way. “So lets kill it!” Ruby gets up with her hood, ready to kill the beast. Snow doesn’t look so excited.

Mary Margaret tip toes into the woods, creeping about and looking around. David emerges from the trees. M.M. can see the distress in his eyes as he looks as if a haziness has taken over him. Never once really looking straight at her, David wanders off again. Strange.

Red and Snow, aka Mary, are trekking through the snowy mountains when they stumble upon some tracks. The paw prints show a pretty impressive stride, but Red is determined.

Ruby sits with little Henry at the station, looking online for job listings. Emma walks in as Ruby acts as the station secretary, answering phone calls. As a sort of favor, the sheriff offers Ruby a job. Snow comes in and Ruby excitedly invites her to lunch. Snow has more important things on her mind. She tells Emma about David. “He’s in the wood,” she explains.

The trail of prints grow more interesting. Red realizes that the prints are now half paw, half boot. “And they continue as human,” whispers Snow. Perhaps these two are in over their heads.

The trail of footprints lead right up to Red’s window. “Is it Peter?” asks Snow. Another hunting party will meet tonight and Red is the only one who can do something before the wolf strikes again.

Ruby struts into Granny’s, ordering grilled cheese sandwiches. Tension is still thick between the two. “I hope you’re finding what you’re looking for,” says Granny. Ruby doesn’t look so sure.

Red sits with Peter on a snowy mountaintop, a very romantic scene. Yet the conversation is everything but. He presents chains necessary to tie him up if, in fact, he is the wolf. “I’ll do anything for you,” says the hopeless lover as she agrees to stay by his side “tonight and every night after.”

Henry says it as easily as any cute young kid could: “She’s Red Riding Hood.” Emma’s reaction is an obvious “Yeah, right!” As Henry leaves, Ruby enters with food. Food is instantly put on the back burner as they hurry out to the woods to find David. Somehow, Ruby knows exactly where to go. She finds him unconscious and shakes him awake. He’s clueless as to how he got there. The last thing he remembers is talking to Emma in her office the night before. Sound familiar to anyone?

Dr. Whale examines David; Emma’s there for support. He believes that these are signs of the symptoms of David’s coma. Could this be something worth looking into along the lines of Kathryn’s disappearance? David is worried, but luckily for him Regina enters. She tells Emma to sniff around somewhere else.

Emma gives Ruby a call at the station, urging her to look for anything along the bridge that gives hints on Kathryn’s whereabouts. Scared, Ruby makes the trip and, once again, knows where to dig near the river’s edge. She uncovers a small crested box. She’s proud of herself for finding something, yet screams in terror once she opens it.

Granny uncovers Snow in Ruby’s bed wearing the red hood. She spills the beans that Red is out with Peter, who’s chained up because he’s the wolf. “The poor boy,” Granny cries making her way out of the house. Peter struggles as he’s chained against the tree, yet he’s not the danger. “Red, it’s me!” The wolf growls closer towards him before springing to action!

Ruby is super distraught that she’s found a heart in a box. I mean, who wouldn’t be? “I don’t know what I am,” says Ruby. Luckily, Emma’s impressed.

Granny leads Snow up the snowy mountain, with her sense of smell. You see, Granny’s a wolf; her father and also Red’s mother — all wolves. Plus, the red hood is magical, created to keep Red from changing. By the time the two get to the wolf, she’s devoured Peter. Granny puts an arrow in her, wounding her, then tosses the red hood over her. The Big Bad Wolf returns to her human form and wakes disoriented and confused. There’s no time, though. She and Snow flee from the oncoming hunting party.

Ruby steps into Granny’s Diner, apologizing for her harsh words and actions. She explains that she didn’t necessarily want to “turn into” her; it’s just hard to. Granny only wanted to show Ruby the ropes so that when she retires, her granddaughter could keep the business rolling. So Ruby is back to stay; “Emma was my lemur,” she smiles, now having experienced life outside the diner. How cute, everyone’s happy. Well, almost everyone.

David and Mary Margaret sit together in the pet shelter when Emma arrives. She hesitantly explains the found box. “There was a human heart inside,” she finishes as David is torn to tears. “There’s more,” Emma adds that fingerprints were found inside of the box. David stands and begs to be arrested. Yet the fingerprints aren’t his. “They’re Mary Margarete’s.” Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Next week on Once Upon a Time, the pure and unassuming Mary Margaret is arrested. But this just cannot be! How does Snow White, once so innocent, turn into a cold-hearted murderer set out to kill the Queen? Tune in Sunday at 8pm on ABC to find out!

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