As Once Upon a Time approaches the end of season 6 there are several questions surrounding the show both on and off-screen. The biggest one might be is if season 6 will prove to be the end of the show or if there will be a season 7. Once Upon a Time co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have finally broken their silence, just a smidge, on that matter. The pair didn’t confirm or deny the future of Once Upon a Time beyond the current season. They did promise that season 6 will have a satisfying ending for everyone involved. In addition, TVLine has teased what is ahead as Once Upon a Time reaches its (potential) endgame.

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With a teased climatic final battle on the horizon, the characters of Once Upon a Time are in just as murky a place as the fans. There will be some happiness heading their way, thankfully. Emma and Hook won’t be separated again now that they are officially engaged. A wedding is on the way for Once Upon a Time and not only will it serve as the episode of Hook and Emma’s nuptials, it will be the anticipated musical installment. 

The episode will air on Sunday, May 7 and be titled “The Song in Your Heart.” It will have seven original songs written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner. Once Upon a Time‘s composer Mark Isham will provide the musical accompaniment. Cast members Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader will all be singing in the episode. 

Horowitz and Kitsis are planning the musical (and wedding) episode as the culmination of Emma’s journey thus far on Once Upon a Time. “For us,” explained Kitsis, “the most important thing [about the wedding] is that it was intimate and that you really understood that this was a real milestone in Emma’s growth.” 

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While the episode will celebrate Emma’s triumph in knocking down her emotional walls, the wedding might not end perfectly. “Weddings on the TV series Once Upon a Time traditionally are fraught with unexpected circumstances. And this is no different,” Horowitz teased. 

Even if Emma and Hook’s wedding isn’t a totally happily ever after, season 6 does aim to wrap things up. “We wanted to be able to complete this chapter and yet set up the next one,” Edward Kitsis said of the upcoming two-part season 6 finale. As mentioned, Kitsis and Horowitz both promised that the series wouldn’t leave anyone’s story “incomplete” in season 6. Closure will be given to characters where closure is “needed.”

As for the rumors that certain key cast members, Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin being the biggest, would leave the show in season 7, Horowitz and Kitsis are prepared. “Any changes that we have to accommodate have been accommodated,” Kitsis explained. “We planned this finale from the beginning of the year, so whoever stays and whoever goes … all those questions have already been dealt with. The audience does not have to fear [anything feeling] incomplete.” Horowitz talked about the potential exits from the show adding, “We have the answers to that, which we can’t share, but the story has been designed around it.”

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the musical episode? Are you happy that Emma and Hook will have a wedding? What do you think it means that the finale won’t be incomplete? Can Once Upon a Time lose key figures for season 7?

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