In just 10 episodes, Riverdale has managed to have fans going crazy with different theories on just about everything and everyone. In their high school party episode, a game of Secrets and Sins brought many of those theories forward to lay them all out on the table. Let’s look at the major theories that “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend” shed light on and how the gang reacted to each of them.

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Is Betty Crazy?

Betty’s crazy side (now apparently referred to as “Dark Betty”) hasn’t shown itself in a little while. We saw it peek out when Chuck returned to school and he didn’t shy away from egging it on either. After antagonizing her a little bit about it in private, he called her out on it in front of everyone during Secrets and Sins. He let everyone know that Betty dressed in a wig and actually thought for a second that she was Polly and Chuck was Jason. No one has really confronted Betty about her mental stability since Veronica tried to immediately following this incident, so it’s sort of relieving to see that not everyone knows what’s going on.

The Blossom Twincest

Admit it. You’ve wondered the same thing. We all have, but Veronica was the only one brave enough to say it: did Cheryl love Jason a little too much? It’s a creepy thought, but there have definitely been a lot of signs pointing to it. Cheryl’s reaction to this didn’t help her case either, as she looked very guilty at the accusation. It may be read as a cold thing for Ronnie to do, but Cheryl pushed her into a corner. Now everyone can let the idea of their relationship stew.

Cheryl the Killer

Veronica doubled down on the Cheryl takedown by even throwing a murder accusation her way. This is one that many of us hadn’t even thought about. What if Jason was a little creeped out by how much Cheryl loved him, and Cheryl killed him out of jealousy when she saw that Jason was in love with Polly? This is a new one for us to think about.

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Would Betty Leave Jughead for Archie?

Finally, we get into the juicy love triangle drama. Props to Archie, who’s in the middle of two love triangles, and that’s not including either of his relationships with Val or Miss Grundy. Jughead finally asked the question we were all wondering — would Betty leave him if Archie was interested? It’s not exactly a fair question, but given that she went from complete infatuation for Archie right to dating his best friend, it needed to be asked. Hopefully Betty’s answer was satisfactory for Jughead, because it definitely eased our concern of her breaking his heart.

What’s the Real Reason the Lodges Returned to Riverdale?

Cheryl threw another log on the fire. Is there more to the Lodges’ return to Riverdale than simply a fresh start? We know that Hiram had business with the Serpents which may still be going on, but what about Hermione? Cheryl made a good point. Veronica needs to question her mom’s innocence in all of this.

If anything, laying out all of these theories may have just been a great way to catch everyone up (viewers and characters) on everything that’s going on. Now we’re all on the same page and don’t have to speculate about who knows what. In a show with an ensemble cast like this, this can be especially hard to keep track of.

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