Emily Fields’ love life on Pretty Little Liars has been a rocky, rocky road. Her first girlfriend was shipped off to juvie camp, and later murdered, and her first love teased and tormented her for years over being attracted to women. Somehow, Emily found something with Paige, and they were happy. For a while, at least. And then Alison returned and Emily fell back into old patterns with her, except this time, Alison seemed interested in Emily, too. They even slept together. As we approach the final ten episodes, the question of who Emily is going to end up with is looming, and the two most obvious options are Paige or Alison. Who should she be with?


Paige and Emily started off weak, but after season 3, the two really bonded and grew together. So much so that Emily even told Paige about A, and that Alison was alive (when they were keeping it a secret), and Paige almost died to save her from Maya’s fake cousin, Nate, the murderer.

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Paige fell in love with Emily, but they didn’t work until after she came out of the closet, as is the case with most same-sex relationships. Unfortunately, that came after a “love dunk,” as Spencer put it, where Paige’s jealousy caused her to hold Emily underwater in season 1 in a fit of rage. She partially made up for that with protecting Emily from A, but she often took the wrong approach. She betrayed Emily to tell the police that Alison was still alive, which is quite a betrayal between these two.

Paige is always going to be jealous of Alison and how Emily treats Alison, and that jealousy isn’t going to go away as long as Alison is in the picture. Paige can’t seem to get over it or move forward from her past, so if she can’t do that, her relationship with Emily isn’t going to work.


Alison was terrible to Emily when they were younger. Torturing and teasing her about her sexuality made Emily so insecure and self-conscious, and that’s something Alison can never make up for. She knew Emily was in love with her and she took advantage of that, even referring to her as her protector and a loyal dog.

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After she returned, she counted on Emily to support her as she re-integrated herself into society. She even slept with Emily, and that really seemed like Alison’s way to make sure that Emily didn’t leave her. Whether the feelings were real or not, Alison can’t escape the manipulation she’s always exacted upon her friends and Emily.


A relatively new relationship, Sabrina and Emily have just started growing close, and they seem to be really happy getting to know each other. Sabrina and Emily have a fresh slate, and Sabrina doesn’t have a haunted past with Alison so the two wouldn’t clash during group get-togethers as Paige and Alison would.

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Also, it’s more realistic, even though Pretty Little Liars thrives on breaking realistic barriers. It’s unlikely for any of these girls to end up with their high school crushes, so at least one of them shouldn’t. Sabrina is more adult, and Emily needs someone who will take care of her, whereas she always takes care of Alison and Paige always goes too far to protect her.

In my opinion, Emily’s best option is Sabrina, but what do you think? Who is best for Emily? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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