Remember when Tinkerbell tried to change Regina’s life and set her up with her true love? Do you also remember when Regina flat out rejected this help and turned away from the possibility of a life filled with love and happiness because she’s self-destructive and didn’t want a relationship to stand in the way of her power? Oh, Regina. You deserve love, too! 

Robin Hood, who was introduced as Regina’s “true love” in the episode, “Quite a Common Fairy,” makes a handsome potential love interest for Queen Regina. He’s dashing, he has a tattoo, and his knows how to use an arrow (which is always a bonus in my book). Here are 8 more reasons why Regina and Robin Hood should be together and why you should be totally on board with this!

1. Regina Hasn’t Romantically Loved Anyone Since Daniel

Yes, she was hooking up with The Huntsman (Sheriff Graham) in season one of Once Upon a Time, but she killed him after he kissed Emma and began remembering his life, pre-curse. Plus, do we really believe she loved Graham? How could you love someone who is forced to love you? Lesson learned, Regina.

2. Her Story with Daniel is Too Sad!

It’s hard to believe that Regina was once young and in love with a stable boy. She planned on running off with him; however, Cora killed him after Snow accidentally told her about him. Regina loses him and is forced to marry some old king she has no interest in, as well as become a stepmother. No wonder she has issues.

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3. Regina Has Changed

You might argue that the Queen doesn’t deserve love because she has done so many terrible things, but I’m pretty confident that her evil days are behind her. She’s on Emma’s team now, and will do pretty much anything that proves herself to her adopted son, Henry.

4. She’s a Great Mom

Her love for Henry proves that she has the capacity to truly care for someone. She clearly loves doting on someone who loves her and depends on her. 

5. Robin Hood is Hot

Well, I had to say it. Google “Once Upon a Time‘s Sean Maguire” and tell me he’s NOT your newest TV crush. The guy is flawless. 

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6. Everyone Loves a Bad Boy

Robin Hood, isn’t “bad,” per se, but he certainly has an edge. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is so admirable (maybe not these days, but still). Robin Hood is extremely sweet, but we know he has a rough side. Dealing with villains all the time can’t be easy. 

7. Robin Hood is Such a Good Dad

Just like Regina is a good mom, Robin Hood is an excellent father. After his wife died, his top priority was to keep his son safe. Also, his son is the cutest little person ever, so if Regina and Robin Hood do get together, she gets to adopt him. Win-win.

8. Robin is Good for Regina

Admittedly, Regina has anger issues. She’s also paranoid, jealous, depressed, and power-hungry. Perhaps all she needs is for someone to balance her out. I think Robin Hood is just the guy–he’s loyal, calm, and a go-getter. Who could be better for Regina?

Obviously, Regina Mills doesn’t need any man to be happy (except maybe her little man, Henry), but a little bit of romance never hurt anyone. This beautiful but high-strung queen should give Robin Hood a chance. After all, what could really go wrong? 

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Gina Vaynshteyn

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV