The 100th episode of Glee may have aired last week, but the celebration continues this Tuesday with the conclusion of the two-part event.

The previous episode left off with April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) and Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) vowing to do whatever they can to save the glee glub, which is exactly what they’ll set out to do in this week’s 13th episode of season 5. Also, Rachel and Santana go about trying to make things right between the two of them after their ongoing fight in recent weeks. Can they make up and become friends again?

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Since this is the continuation of the 100th episode celebration, Glee will still be featuring some remixed versions of songs we’ve heard previously on the show.

Now, things aren’t quite adding up here. When fans had the chance to vote on these songs, it was stated that 10 songs would be chosen. But when you add up the five remixes from last week and the three from this week, that’s eight. Yes, I know that “Dog Days are Over” was apparently swapped out for “Happy,” but that still doesn’t get us to 10. I guess Ryan Murphy and Co. changed their minds along the way, especially since a lot of the songs this week are ones that haven’t been covered before.

Here are the seven songs we’ll see performed in “New Directions”: Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Loser Like Me (one of Glee‘s original tunes), Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time,” Oh Honey’s “Be Okay,” “I Am Changing” from Dreamgirls, Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Listen to all of the songs below:

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” — Will & April

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” was originally sung on Glee by New Directions in season 1, with solos by Rachel, Finn, Puck and Vocal Adrenaline’s Jesse St. James, after Rachel did the “Run Joey Run” video in an attempt to create a bad reputation for herself.

“Loser Like Me” — Artie, Blaine, Sam & Tina

“Loser Like Me” is an original song from Glee. It was first performed by New Directions in season 2 during Regionals, in an episode featuring multiple original numbers.

“Party All the Time” — Holly Holliday with New Directions & Alumni

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“Be Okay” — Rachel and Santana

“I Am Changing” — Mercedes & Kurt

“Just Give Me a Reason” — Puck and Quinn

“Don’t Stop Believin'” — New Directions, Will & Alumni

“Don’t Stop Believin'” is Glee‘s signature song, and due to its impact in the pilot that helped put the show on the map, it was reprised two more times as singles: during Regionals in the season 1 finale and by Rachel for her Funny Girl audition. And now it’s being done again. 


Glee: The Music, Celebrating 100 Episodes, an album featuring all 13 songs from the two-part event, are available to buy digitally, with this weeks songs being released on Tuesday. A CD of all the songs will be released exclusively at Target on Tuesday.

Do you have a favorite song? Are you surprised that there aren’t as many remixes this week as originally promised? Speaking of which, do you prefer the original Glee versions or these new ones? And how many times can they keep doing “Don’t Stop Believin'”? (I’m betting it will be covered one final time next season during the very final episode of the series.)

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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