Teen Wolf‘s third season has been downright heartbreaking. While everyone on the show has been losing their minds, the moment that made audiences flip their lid was the death of the beloved character Allison Argent.

'Teen Wolf': 20 Reasons We Already Miss Allison Argent [GIFs]

I guess it’s not bad enough that Stiles has spent most of the season alternatively going crazy and possessed by an angry Japanese fox spirit.

Actress Crystal Reed asked to be written out of the show, but we’re still heartbroken over the death of one of Teen Wolf‘s most multi-dimensional and kickass characters. 

Allison went through so much over the course of the series, from dealing with her crazy family and finding out about werewolves, to fighting her own inner demons. But throughout the course of the show, Allison never gave in or gave up, even when times got hard. 

She was incredibly strong and resilient, while still being vulnerable, funny, and kind. She was introduced as the main love interest in the series but grew to become so much more.

Allison broke out of the love interest box early on and quickly transformed into one of the show’s more dimensionalized and interesting characters. The show will surely be poorer without her presence and the fine work done by Crystal Reed.

So to send Alison off in style, we’ve compiled just 20 of the million reasons we’re going to miss our girl Allison Argent: 

Reason 1: Even when times were rough, her hair was always perfect


Let’s start with the superficial first: Allison’s hair game was always on point. Whether it was long, short, or made up of impossibly gorgeous curls, Allison knew how to rock her tresses. We’ll miss her perfectly coiffed hair so much. No one else on television has such nice hair while fighting off the forces of darkness. 

Reason 2: She was an awesome best friend


Allison died trying to save her best friend Lydia from the nogistune. It was a moment of bravery in the life of a girl who was always brave in the face of danger, especially when it came to the people she loved. The friendship between Allison and Lydia was always fun. They were such opposites, but really loved and supported each other anyway. 


And when they weren’t stuck in the middle of supernatural disasters, sometimes they got to be teenage girls. Watching them chat about shopping, relationships, and their lives was always so fun. When Allison and Lydia got together, things always seemed a little lighter.


Allison and Lydia protected and supported each other. Allison told Lydia not to hide her genius, and Lydia was there for Allison during all of her Scott turmoil. They were great besties, which was refreshing in a TV landscape where strong female friendships are the exception instead of the norm. 

Reason 3: Allison and Scott’s relationship was so great


Allison started Teen Wolf as the love interest of lead character Scott. But throughout the course of the show she became so much more. Which isn’t to say the relationship she shared with Scott wasn’t important, because their relationship was kind of great.


Throughout their relationship, there was much to angst over. He was a werewolf, a secret she found out near the end of season one. She came from a family of werewolf hunters. On the surface, their relationship was Facebook status: it’s complicated. Yet below the drama, their relationship was always refreshingly light and fun. 


Instead of letting the drama overtake their relationship, the show wisely chose to highlight exactly why they would be willing to risk it all to be together. They had fun, they laughed, and they even acted like teenagers. 

You got the impression these two people weren’t together because a television show thought they’d be dramatically interesting, but because they just really liked each other. In supernatural drama, that’s a hard balancing act to pull off, but Scott and Allison always made sense and never felt forced.


The show also spent precious little time hand-wringing about their sexuality or moralizing about the choices Allison made. Allison was allowed to be sexual and confident without being penalized.


Best of all, Allison was allowed to move on from Scott and her role as the love interest. She realized she needed time to herself and she needed to move on. Scott thought they were fated to be together, and maybe they were, but Allison had a more realistic view of their love. 

She declared her love for Scott as she died, not because she was necessarily still in love with him, but because she recognized that some loves are so powerful they never really die. If you didn’t cry during this scene, you are a monster. 

Reason 4: Her prowess with a bow was second-to-none


If you look up “badass” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Allison Argent. She wasn’t just tough, she was also incredibly deadly with her archery skills.


If you were ever in trouble, you’d want Allison and her trusty bow in your corner.

Reason 5: Of course, sometimes she used it to shoot her classmates. But that was kind of endearing too!


After the death of her scary mom, Allison went a little bit bad. But could you blame her? I mean there are a lot of homicidal werewolves running around town. 


In a fragile state, Allison was manipulated by her grandpa to the dark side. And ok, shooting your classmates full of arrows is pointedly uncool. But her brush with the dark side made for some compelling drama. 


Allison didn’t stay bad, however. She pulled herself back from the brink and made up for her mistakes. And hey, if Isaac could forgive her for shooting him full of arrows, I think we can too.

Reason 6: We’ll miss her adorably awkward flirtation with Isaac


Speaking of Isaac, the relationship that developed between the two was downright adorable. It started with some awkward flirtation, escalated into some even more awkward stripping, and eventually turned into some real feelings between the two.


Get it girl!

Reason 7: We’ll miss finding out new and excitingly weird ways of Argent family bonding


While most families go on camping trips or vacations together, the Argents bond by hunting and killing people. That’s just the Argent way. Throughout the course of the show, the multi-tiered layer cake of crazy that is the Argent family was uncovered bit by bit. 


For instance, tying your daughter up and gagging her is considered quality time in the Argent household! “This is super fun dad, I mean I’m not complaining even though I can’t feel my hands anymore. But this does kind of feel like a bait-and-switch since you said we were going to Disneyland.” 


Of course Allison always had her Aunt Kate. They would go shopping and gossip about boys and brutally torture werewolves together. Normal stuff!

Ok, maybe her Aunt Kate was an unhinged murderer. But at least her mom was nice right? Probably baked cakes and went to PTA meetings and….OH HOLY GOD, SHE’S LOOKING INTO MY SOUL:


So ok, her mom was definitely the scariest thing about a show about werewolves and lizard creatures. But we’ll totally miss finding out about more weird Argent family traditions, like the passing of the bullet mold or the long heart-to-heart chats about murder in the Argent Weapons Emporium that was their basement.

Reason 8: When she cried, we cried


Whenever Allison started to cry, the waterworks really started. Among the saddest scenes in the show’s history is when Allison found out about her mother’s death and freaked out in the hospital. Stop crying Ali, you’re breaking our hearts!

Reason 9: She tasered Peter Hale


Peter Hale deserves to be tasered all day, every day. And now that Allison is gone, who will do it? Yet another moment of Allison Argent being the actual best.

Reason 10: She always had the most terrifying hallucinations


Excuse me Scott, Imma let you finish Stiles, but Allison Argent had the scariest hallucinations of all time. 


Of. All. Time.

Reason 11: She was incredibly resilient


Short of Derek Hale, perhaps no other character on the show went through more than Allison over the course of the series. From finding out about this supernatural world to losing her family, Allison went through more than any one person should have to at the tender age of 17.


Yet all the hardships, from deaths to ice baths, only made her stronger. She wasn’t perfect, but she never let her problems overtake her.

Reason 12: She was a fighter and a leader


In the Argent family, the men are fighters and the women are leaders. Of course, Allison Argent was both. Throughout the course of the series, we watched Allison begin to accept the mantle of leadership and show off her abilities. 

Reason 13: She changed the Argent family motto to something less murder-y


The Argents follow “the code” of werewolf hunters. Of course, the code seemed to have a lot of moral wiggle room when it came to chopping people in half and burning whole families alive. So as the new leader of the Argent clan, Allison changed the code. The fancy French translates to, “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Reason 14: She never suffered fools



Whether it was Jackson, Peter, or creepy Matt, Allison did not suffer fools. She put the many and sundry creeps of Beacon Hills firmly in their place.

Reason 15: She was the only one in Beacon Hills capable of carrying out a successful plan


If you needed a plan in Beacon Hills carried out with some degree of success, who would you go to? Derek Hale? (Ok, stop laughing.) No, you’d go to Allison. Allison was perhaps one of the only people in the whole town with the skills required to come up with plans that didn’t immediately backfire and get everyone killed. 


Whether tracking werewolves or finding bank vaults and quickly sneaking inside, Allison was easily ten steps ahead of everyone else at all times. 

Reason 16: She always tried to be strong, even when it was hard


Thanks to her truly awful family, Allison never felt as if she could be weak or vulnerable, even for a second. Allison tried to be tough and strong, even when everything was overwhelming, even when things were just too much to handle.



All of Allison’s biggest nightmares and worst fears revolved around not being strong enough. She knew it took strength, sometimes more than she had, to survive among the supernatural craziness. She never gave herself a break, because she was raised to be a fighter and a leader. It made Allison far tougher than she ever gave herself credit for.

Reason 17: She was really funny


Of course, things weren’t always life-or-death in Beacon Hills and Allison could have as much fun as anyone. Probably because she spent most of her time being a badass archer, but I don’t think Allison gets enough credit for how truly funny she was. 


Allison was a delight. She was hilarious.

Reason 18: Now we’ll never get to see her and Kira star in a buddy cop movie


As Scott’s new love interest, we didn’t get the chance to see Allison and Kira interact very often. But a short fight scene in a recent episode teased what could have been an extremely awesome alliance. Both of these ladies are awesome and deadly, and you can be sure they would have made an incredible team. Let’s mourn the epic levels of awesome that could have been.

Reason 19: She grew so much over the course of the series 



Perhaps no character on the show has had the growth and arc Allison has. She started out as a somewhat shy transfer student, and transformed before our eyes into a confident young woman and a self-assured leader. 

She changed so much over the course of three seasons and her character always revealed intriguing new layers. We’ll miss seeing the person she would have continued to become.

Reason 20:  She was strong and powerful, but also vulnerable and complex



As mentioned, Allison was far from a one-dimensional character. She was funny, sweet, tough, sexy, smart and, above all else, brave. She was multi-dimensional, which made her feel like a real person. Perhaps that’s why we’ll miss her so much. 

We saw her struggle and triumph on our TV screens each week, and we always rooted for her to win. Life wasn’t easy for Allison and her choices were often tough, but she always found a way to overcome her struggles. 

She even killed an oni, something only the nogistune could accomplish. Allison Argent was kickass and Teen Wolf won’t be the same without her.

Goodbye Allison


We’ll miss you. 

What do you think? Why will you miss Allison? Sound off in the comments!

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