Last Thursday’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, “Heart of the Matter, was pretty emotional, right? We discovered Anastasia wasn’t a completely heartless in her decision to choose royalty over Will, Cora, once again, ruined someone’s relationship for personal gain, and Cyrus’ mom is Jafar’s staff! Props to the writers for making things really interesting, but I’m a little bit disappointed with how sloppy the plot line became. I get that we need to move forward from Point A to Point B, but it seems like the characters overcame their obstacles a little too quickly. 

Here are some scenes from “Heart of the Matter” where we had to suspend our belief for a second (or two or three):

1. Alice Simply Steals the Lost-and-Found

While Cyrus distracts the Caterpillar by asking for the lost-and-found (why would you draw attention to what you are going to steal?), a shrunken version of Alice snatches it. I get that we didn’t really have time to play more games with the Caterpillar and his stash of magical toys, but why didn’t Alice just shrink herself before? This seems like such an easy way to steal things and it’s been such a hassle dealing with Iggy Pop–I mean,the Caterpillar. 

2. Alice and Cyrus Escape from the Dungeon 

Alice and Cyrus come back for Anastasia, but when they hear Jafar and the Jabberwocky make their way towards the jail cell, they hide. The Jabberwocky figures out Will’s problem by tuning in to Alice’s fears, and she lets Jafar know they are not the only ones in the dungeon. However, after the break, Jafar can’t find Alice and Cyrus, because they escape. How did they escape? The Jabberwocky seems pretty powerful, and Jafar isn’t too keen on people trying to free his victims. 

3. Will Escapes the Castle, the Guards Don’t Even Care

Will tries to persuade Anastasia to leave with him, reminding her how great their life was together. They go out to the balcony to discuss things over, but of course the royal castle guards come because that’s their job. However, they just watch Will as he jumps over the balcony, and Anastasia is like, “Oh thanks for coming, but as you can see, the intruder has jumped over the balcony and your services are not needed anymore.” Um, hello? The security guards have no idea Will is just an ex-flame. He could be anyone! A thief, a murderer. Aren’t they at least suspicious? Shouldn’t they go hunt him down?

4. Anastasia Falls for the Mirror

To prove that Will left without Anastasia, Cora shows her the abandoned wagon. Even though it’s true that Will left (thanks to Cora), why does Ana believe Cora right away? Couldn’t the evil queen have used magic to make it SEEM like Will left? Anastasia is smart, she should have known something was up. 

5. Cora Simply Alleviates the Burdens of Having a Heart

Why would Will ever trust someone so dodgy as Cora to remove his heart? Maybe I have too much faith in this Bonnie and Clyde couple, but they just seemed so savvy to me!

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6. Anastasia Magically Starts a Fire Using Her Emotional Energy

Okay. Magic. It seems to come really naturally to just about anyone, as long as they have suppressed mommy or daddy issues. So this means just about any person can use magic. This accessibility kind of defeats the point of magic, right? 

7. Jafar’s Staff Suddenly Helps Cyrus Out

Let’s not forget that Jafar always brought his serpent staff along whenever he dealt with Cyrus or Alice. If the staff is Amara, then why didn’t she help Cyrus sooner? If she really wanted to protect her son, she should have backfired Jafar’s powers in the beginning of the show. I mean, obviously that wouldn’t have been any fun, but I’m just saying.

8. Will Kisses Anastasia

I understand that Will regains his heart and as a result, the capacity to feel. However, just because I have a heart, doesn’t mean I hypothetically throw myself at every ex that apologizes to me. Why did Will suddenly have the urge to make out with Ana? She still destroyed everyone’s lives. I’m just not sure Will has that soft of a backbone. 

What do you think, guys? Did this episode seem to move too fast for you? 

Catch an all new episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland this Thursday at 8pm on ABC.

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Gina Vaynshteyn

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