On Once Upon a Time we’re beginning to learn the true story of the Snow Queen. The show’s executives have expanded the story of Frozen to include a mysterious Snow Queen. What do we really know about the Snow Queen and her ties to Elsa and Storybrooke? Let’s look at the facts so far.

She’s Elsa and Anna’s Mysterious Aunt

When Once Upon a Time’s Elsa meets the Snow Queen a family connection occurs. It seems that no one in Arendelle has known that the Queen has a sister with magical powers that was confined to a jar. When the Snow Queen reveals the truth, the question of magic comes into play. With Elsa’s mother having a sister who creates snow, is Elsa’s magic explained? The Snow Queen seems sincere in her grief over the loss of her sister, but is she?

Bringing a magical family member to Elsa establishes a new dimension to the story. While the girls lost their parents in the shipwreck, we have no knowledge of what caused the storm. The disappearance of the ship is similar to the vortex that took Emma and company to Neverland. Could Elsa’s parents be in Storybrooke without any memories of their daughters? If so, the answer to defeating the Snow Queen’s magic may be near — in the form of a family yet unseen. Would a loving family reunion of Elsa’s parents, Anna and Elsa prove to be the Snow Queen’s undoing. The Snow Queen wants a family and had thought she had found that in Arendelle. We have learned from Emma that families can be found in unusual places like Storybrooke.

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She Has a History with Rumple

What evil character on Once Upon a Time hasn’t had ties to Rumpelstiltskin? During the Snow Queen’s reveal, we learn that Rumple and the Snow Queen know each other. Rumple, who gleefully causes trouble for Regina, seems to have compassion for this evil Queen. He offers not only a shoulder to lean on but help if needed. He knows that she shares a past with Emma and is concerned about what Emma knows and the Snow Queen fears. Emma is, after all, family due to her relationship with his son, Neal.

Rumple loves to control any situation by knowledge or possessions. For the first time viewers must wonder why he’s offering compassion to someone other than Belle. Is he genuinely concerned about her or are there the ties to family between the two? We only know about Rumple’s abandonment by his father with the spinning sisters. Could the Snow Queen have ended up on their doorsteps and Rumple sees her as a sister? This twist would add surprise to the show.

She’s the True Snow Queen of the Fairy Tale

While Hans Christian Anderson’s version of the story uses a Snow Queen possession to cause trouble, ABC’s Once Upon a Time has waited until we care for Elsa and Anna. Much like the original story, a broken mirror plays a role. While the original story had the mirror originally belonging to a troll (or devil) that breaks, the show’s version has the Snow Queen’s mirror splintered and needing repair. The original story has a mirror that distorts but we do not see this in the show’s mirror yet. The main mirror difference so far is that Snow Queen controls the snow driven splinters.

The question then is what will happen when those splinters enter Storybrooke? Having belonged to Regina, will they bring hurt and sadness to the residents or will it make everything appear evil? We know the Snow Queen will freeze people to make a point. We see that with Marian. We also know that Emma and Regina need Elsa to defeat the Snow Queen. Can they do it before these splinters do whatever evil work the Snow Queen has planned?

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She Has a Link to Emma’s Past

Once Upon a Time has only mentioned Emma’s past in the orphanage. We now have learned that she ended up in foster care but Emma has no memory of that time in her life. Only when viewing an old video with Hook does Emma realize her link to the Snow Queen, her former foster mom. She also has a foster brother somewhere in the world. Did the Snow Queen of the past have the ability to make Emma into a person with trust issues?

With this development, viewers see the Snow Queen trying to establish not one but two families. The one with Elsa belongs to a different realm while Emma’s past is in our world. Did the Snow Queen know of Emma’s power when she took her in? Emma could have unknowingly used her power to protect the foster brother in the past and the Snow Queen blocked her memory. How did Rumple know Neal was alive? The Snow Queen could have been Rumple’s source of information and what lead him to having Henry adopted by Regina. The Snow Queen wants winter but she wants a family too. Will the family tie that Emma and Elsa have to her be the key to destroying the Snow Queen? As we move toward the mid-season finale, viewers have much to learn about the Emma’s life with her foster mom.

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She Has an Impact on the Season

The Snow Queen has added new dimensions to the story. By laying the connections, Once Upon a Time has opened the storybook into a new realm with a new villain. Emma has an ally in Elsa who not only has magic she doesn’t understand but a tie to a mysterious lady. Rumple’s involvement could also be family. 

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