Once Upon a Time’s “Rocky Road” episode introduced a new character that has been hiding in plain sight in Storybrooke. As the new big bad, she has to live up to Zelena and she seems to be heading that way now. Here are 5 questions we have about the Snow Queen.

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Why did the Snow Queen Curse Marian?

The Snow Queen has told Elsa that she cursed Marian to cast blame on Elsa. The Snow Queen needs Elsa to trust only her. By placing the blame on Elsa for Marian’s mysterious “icy” illness, the townspeople will want her locked up or killed. In true Once Upon a Time fashion, the Snow Queen’s mind did not expect the Neverland crew to band together and take “innocent until proven guilty” to heart or search for the real culprit. Now Emma, David/Charming, and Hook know that there are two icy magical creatures living among them in Storybrooke.

Why was the Snow Queen in the Urn?

We know that our version of the story had Elsa in the urn but someone was there before her. When Hans opens the urn, he unleashes a bigger foe than Elsa, the Snow Queen. His reward for freeing the new magical being is to be turned to ice for calling her a monster. The only thing we know is that the Snow Queen has inspired fear before because of her talent but so far we have no clue why. As the season moves toward December, Once Upon a Time must give us more information about the power of the ice and the punishment of the Snow Queen.

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Why does the Snow Queen want to “school” Elsa?

The Snow Queen cast the spell on Marian to teach Elsa a lesson. Elsa evidently did not have time to learn everything the Snow Queen wanted her to learn during the Snow Queen’s stay in Arendelle. The Snow Queen still has things to teach Elsa (maybe about taking over this world) and she’ll use history to do it. By using Elsa’s talent to hurt or kill others, Elsa would need a hiding place and someone she can trust. Naturally, she’d turn to someone like herself, the Snow Queen.

What ties does the Snow Queen have to Emma?

Probably the biggest question that fans have right now is what ties the Snow Queen has to Emma. We know that Regina could move outside the magical circle. Rumple has knowledge of what has happened away from Storybrooke because he lead Regina to Henry. So could the Snow Queen be another evil creature that can move between our world and Storybrooke? The mystery is something that the Snow Queen does not want Emma to remember and doesn’t want Emma to recognize her from the past. ABC’s  Once Upon a Time has a reason for this and it must be something that will make the “savior” stronger.

What does Rumple know about the Snow Queen?

From the meeting in the woods, viewers know that Rumple and the Snow Queen share some knowledge that the rest of Storybrooke does not know. Once Upon a Time uses Rumple often as the one to tell the story. Rumple also feels the need to cover for the Snow Queen. In the past Rumple has served as tutor for Cora, Regina, and Zelena. He has had students so maybe this was another one of his magical class. This could be why he wants to help and protect her. He also knows the ties to Emma could have repercussions and offered his help with that. The secret must play a big role which will become clear before the Snow Queen and Elsa’s story is finished.

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These are only a few of the questions that “Rocky Road” has given us. It is going to be an interesting season as Once Upon a Time meets Frozen. The Snow Queen is proving to be an interesting character even without any backstory. 

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC. 

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