In the fifth episode of No Tomorrow season 1, “No Regrets,” Evie tries to make things right with her former best friend, but this leads to complications in the workplace. Meanwhile, Xavier realizes that he needs to tell Evie the truth about his feelings for her, and Hank decides to meet up with his Internet girlfriend in order to avoid his growing feelings for Deirdre.

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Evie Seeks Out an Old Friend

Evie and Xavier are working through more items on their lists when Xavier notices that Evie keeps passing over number 17. Number 17 is one of Evie’s regrets. She was best friends with a girl named Fern back in high school, and things did not end well between them. They were both members of the school’s color guard, and they were supposed to try out for co-captains of the squad, but Evie got invited to try out for volleyball. She decided to go to the volleyball tryouts instead, and their friendship fell apart. Xavier tells Evie that if she tackles number 17, he’ll deal with one of his regrets.

When Evie asks Xavier which regret on his list he wants to tackle, Xavier misses the opportunity to tell Evie how he feels about her. Instead, he tells her about stealing a baseball card from his friend when he was a kid. He pawned the card, so now he has to track it down in order to return it.

With Kareema’s help, Evie manages to track down Fern and is relieved when it appears that Fern’s life is going really well. Fern started a successful animal shelter, and now they’ve expanded to 15 different countries. This allows Fern to travel all over the world while helping cute animals. That is basically Evie’s dream job, and Evie ends up telling Fern about the Cyber Hugs job she’s been seeking. Fern says it would be fun to work together and mentions maybe getting Evie a position at the animal sanctuary. Evie says she has to think about it, and they agree to meet up at Evie’s workplace for lunch the next day.

Evie Helps Xavier Commit a Crime

Evie’s excitement over making up with Fern is short-lived when she realizes that Fern didn’t actually accept her apology. Since that is the whole point of number 17, Evie decides she will apologize again at lunch and get Fern to forgive her.

In happier news, Xavier manages to track down the baseball card. The only problem is that it is on display at a local sports museum. Evie says they can’t steal from the museum, but Xavier doesn’t believe it counts as stealing since the card was already stolen. The plan is for them to hide in a closet until the museum closes. Xavier will then swap out his friend’s card for one of a higher monetary value so the museum doesn’t lose out on anything. Alas, their closet time leads to some making out, and a security guard discovers them.

The guard agrees not to report them if Xavier agrees to kiss him with tongue. While Xavier distracts the guard with his mouth, Evie swaps out the cards.

Later, when Xavier returns the card he stole to his old friend, he learns that the family’s cleaning lady was fired because they assumed she stole the card. Xavier now has to track down said cleaning lady so he can apologize for getting her fired. Alas, Xavier learns that the cleaning lady has passed away, so he cannot apologize to her.

Fern Makes Things Difficult for Evie

At work, Evie is confronted by Deirdre for looking for work outside of the company. It turns out that Fern called Deirdre to tell her that she might be giving Evie a job at the animal shelter. Evie explains that it was just a theoretical job from a friend, and she wasn’t serious about it. Deirdre isn’t convinced and considers removing Evie from consideration for the Cyber Hugs job, but she agrees to give Evie another chance if Evie will set her up for a lunch meeting with Fern. Evie invites Deirdre to lunch with them later that day.

Fern claims she didn’t mean to get Evie into trouble with her boss, but she is clearly lying. At lunch, Fern wins Deirdre over with her passionate talk about animals, and Deirdre ends up offering Fern a consulting position on the Cyber Hugs team.

The next day, Evie misses a meeting at work because Fern didn’t e-mail her about it. When Evie confronts Fern about failing to inform her of the meeting, Fern makes it clear that she has it out for Evie.

After a misunderstanding, Evie confronts Fern at work but only ends up embarrassing them both. Evie tries to apologize, but Fern isn’t having it. She’s just glad that Evie’s colleagues have finally seen her true colors. Fern says that Evie keeps apologizing, but she’s never done anything to make up for the hurt she’s caused, and being sorry doesn’t change that.

Evie Makes Amends with Fern

Evie is thrilled when Deirdre tells her that she got the Cyber Hugs job she wanted, but then Deirdre explains that she wanted to give the job to Fern, only corporate wanted her to offer the job to a full-time employee. Fern cannot have the job unless Evie turns it down.

Evie shows up at Fern’s place dressed in her old color guard outfit. Evie explains that she wants a do-over, but Fern doesn’t know how she can trust Evie again. Evie then says she turned down the Cyber Hugs job as a way to finally make things up to Fern. Evie has also brought the music for their routine, and they end up doing the color guard routine they were meant to perform all those years ago. Evie is pleased that she can finally cross number 17 off her list.

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Xavier and Evie Work Things Out

Since the cleaning lady passed away, Xavier goes to see the woman’s daughter, and it turns out that she is a therapist. Xavier apologizes for costing her mother a job, but she says it all worked out because helping her mother through her depression over losing her job helped her figure out what she wanted to do with her life. That’s why she became a therapist. Xavier ends up talking to the therapist about his relationship with Evie. Throughout the episode, we see how unhappy Xavier is that Evie’s still dating other people, but he doesn’t say anything about it because he doesn’t want to smother her. The therapist advises him to tell Evie the truth so that she knows what all of her options are.

Thanks to his talk with the therapist and a sign from the universe, Xavier decides to come clean with Evie. He tells her that while ethical non-monogamy worked for him in the past, he doesn’t want to do it anymore because she is the only person he wants to be with. Xavier tells Evie that he will understand it if she wants to continue seeing other people, but Evie says she’s good. They seal their new commitment with a kiss, and Xavier shows Evie that he set up a blanket fort since it relates to something on both of their lists.

Hank and Deirdre Take a Step Forward

In order to distract himself from his crush on Deirdre, Hank decides it’s time to meet up with his Internet girlfriend. Alas, she doesn’t show up to their first scheduled meet-up, but Hank isn’t ready to give up, so they decide to give it another try. This time, Hank’s Internet girlfriend shows up, and she is adorable. Unfortunately, they don’t have any chemistry, and Hank cannot stop thinking about Deirdre.

Hank and his Internet girlfriend decide to just be friends, and Hank returns to work to see Deirdre. He brings her flowers and tells her he broke up with his Internet girlfriend, and they wind up sharing a cute dance together. Is this the start of a Hank-Deirdre romance or will there be more roadblocks in their way?

Timothy Finds His Soulmate

Timothy’s been having dating trouble of his own, as the girl he’s been seeing is into “sex combat,” and that doesn’t work for Timothy. Hank convinces Timothy to give up on this girl, so Timothy tries the True Soulmate dating app. Unfortunately, the person he gets matched with is Evie. Timothy hesitates in rejecting Evie as a match because he thinks it might be a sign that they should still be together. Alas, when Evie ends up rejecting him as a match, Timothy realizes he was wrong. He then tries for a second match and ends up matching with Fern. We see Fern accept the match. Do you think Timothy and Fern will make a good couple?

What did you think of the fifth episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Are you happy that Xavier finally told Evie how he feels? Do you see any double dates in the future for Xavier-Evie and Timothy-Fern? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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