In this episode of No Tomorrow season 1, “No Holds Barred,” Xavier convinces Evie to start breaking some of her personal boundaries, and Evie discovers that Xavier is seeing other people. Meanwhile, the relationship between Hank and Deirdre heats up, and Xavier gets help realizing his feelings for Evie from an unexpected source.

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Can Evie Learn to Push Her Limits?

As the episode begins, Evie and Xavier are taking a walk after their lunch date when Xavier spills coffee on himself. He then jumps into the fountain and starts stripping out of his coffee-ruined clothes. Evie is horrified, but no one else seems to mind the impromptu strip-show. Evie says she could never do anything like that, and Xavier says she needs to start stepping outside of her boundaries or she’ll miss out on some great things.

At work, Evie talks to the “Russian hunk” in shipping and learns that there is a communication problem between shipping and fulfillment. Evie decides to look into it, but she’s afraid to approach Deirdre with her idea. When a random intern has the same idea and actually suggests it to Deirdre, Evie realizes that Xavier is right and she needs to stop setting so many limits for herself.

Evie stops by Xavier’s place to tell him she is going to start pushing some boundaries, but she finds him with another woman. Evie is not pleased that Xavier is seeing other people. Xavier says he hasn’t slept with this other woman, Tuesday, since he met Evie, but he also says he subscribes to the idea of “ethical non-monogamy.” Evie is not comfortable with the idea of an open relationship. With the apocalypse on the way, Xavier doesn’t want to be held to any limitations and he says that it should be the same for her. He tells Evie that if she finds someone she is attracted to, she should go for it.

Later, Evie talks to Kareema about her concerns over the idea of an open relationship. Kareema asks if Evie and Xavier ever discussed commitment, and Evie says they didn’t. Kareema thinks it’s a good thing that Xavier is not as “vanilla” as Evie’s previous boyfriends, and she invites Evie to come out with her for a wild night as a way to start pushing boundaries.

That night, Evie goes out drinking and dancing with Kareema. This results in one heck of a hangover the next morning, but Evie doesn’t seem to mind since she had such a good time. Unfortunately, since Evie’s phone wasn’t working, she missed several text messages from Xavier. She also finds out that Kareema signed her up for a dating app. Evie still isn’t comfortable with an open relationship, so Kareema suggests she try having a threesome with Xavier. This way, they’re still together even when sleeping with other people.

Evie Tries Dating Other People

While Evie is out with Kareema, Xavier is having drinks with Tuesday. When Xavier hesitates to accept her invitation to the blood moon party, Tuesday says she knew Xavier was “sprung” on Evie and that he’s changing his stripes. To prove that he is still committed to living life with no limitations, Xavier starts to hook up with Tuesday. (We learn later in the episode that he couldn’t actually go through with it.)

The next day, Xavier and Evie meet up for drinks when they spot Amy Brenneman at the bar. Sleeping with Amy Brenneman — in a threesome, no less — is on Xavier’s list, so Evie suggests they give it a try. Alas, Amy isn’t into it, but she does kiss both of them before sending them on their way. They end up having sex while watching Judging Amy, so they decide that counts.

After the fake threesome, Evie finds out that her dating profile went live and she’s got lots of messages already. The next morning, Evie has even more messages, and Xavier is clearly jealous. It turns out that Evie matched with Russian hunk Mikhail, and at work, Mikhail asks Evie out. He says they can make it a group thing and invite Kareema and his brother. Despite her concerns about going out with someone from work, Evie agrees to the date.

They end up going to a series of wrestling matches, one of which the brothers are competing in. The club also has mud wrestling, so Evie and Kareema give it a go. It is messy and gross, but both women have a blast.

Deirdre Does Something Nice for Hank

Early in the episode, Timothy and Hank are hanging out when Timothy shows Hank the article he wrote that ended up as the cover story in a high-profile tech magazine. Hank thinks Timothy should capitalize on his success and use it as a way to hit on women. Alas, Timothy has never really asked out random women before, so he’s a bit lost on where to start. Timothy makes a deal with Hank that if Hank starts to really train for the apocalypse — remember, Hank also believes the world will soon end — instead of just watching his favorite reality show, he will try to ask a woman out. Timothy’s first several attempts do not go well.

Hank is still freaked-out about his newly discovered interest in Deirdre, so he’s trying to keep his distance from her. At one point, she approaches him and invites him to spend the evening with her watching the reality show they both like. Hank claims he’ll be busy training that night and lies about having the Russian hunk as his trainer. Hank then has to approach Mikhail and ask him to be his trainer. Mikhail agrees but only because it means he can trick Hank into doing his work for him.

Later, a chat with Evie has Deirdre picturing Hank as a butterfly she has to observe in order to learn what he really wants. She figures out that his training is related to the show they both love, and she ends up putting together an obstacle course for him that’s similar to the one used on the show. Hank is very impressed when he realizes that Deirdre was responsible for the obstacle course. Has this been a turning point for them?

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Xavier Meets Timothy

While Evie is out with Kareema and the hot Russian brothers, Xavier is having a drink on his own. He runs into Timothy, and neither of them realize their connection to Evie. They end up chatting, and it turns out that Xavier is a fan of Timothy’s writing. Xavier buys Timothy a drink, and they end up bonding. Timothy eventually opens up to Xavier about not being good with women and how his last girlfriend is already with someone else. Xavier then talks about his open relationship theory, but once again, it is obvious that he is not okay with Evie dating other people. Since they are getting along so well, Xavier invites Timothy to the blood moon party, which apparently only happens every 17 years.

Xavier and Timothy are having fun at the party when they run into Tuesday and one of her friends. They all decide to head to the hot tub together, but Xavier cannot focus on the beautiful women in front of him because all he can think about is Evie. Xavier ends up confessing that he’s fallen for her, and he decides to go track her down. Timothy decides to join Xavier on this quest.

When Timothy and Xavier arrive at the wrestling club, they finally realize that they are both connected to Evie. Timothy is horrified that he spent such a fun evening with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, but it ends up giving him the confidence to finally succeed in asking someone out. Xavier tries to explain that he left the blood moon party for Evie, but Evie cuts him off. Timothy let it slip that they almost had a foursome, so Evie is upset that Xavier is trying to interfere in the date he basically talked her into going on because he suggested she push her boundaries. Evie leaves with Kareema and the Russian brothers. Alas, the brothers want to have a “fivesome” with their pet snake, so the girls are out.

Xavier and Evie are Not On the Same Page

The next day at work, Evie realizes that the main problem between the shipping and fulfillment departments is that they are separated by a wall of boxes. Both departments resent each other, thinking things are better on the other side of the box-wall. Evie solves this problem by having the groups destroy the box-wall. Everyone is happy, so hopefully things will run smoothly now. Deirdre even applauds Evie’s initiative in solving the departments’ communication problem.

Later that night, Xavier is adding some new items to his list. The first addition is to apologize to Evie for the Timothy disaster, which he does. The second is to tell Evie how he really feels and “screw non-monogamy.” Alas, he doesn’t get the chance to cross that one off his list. When Evie comes to see him, she says she is grateful he got her to push her limits. She also says that she’s never dated casually before, and she thinks it is something she should try before the world ends. While Xavier is finally ready to commit to Evie, Evie wants to try an open relationship.

What did you think of the fourth episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Will Xavier come clean to Evie and tell her that he wants a monogamous relationship? Are you glad Timothy is finally putting himself out there or do you think he’s still too hung up on Evie? Was the obstacle course a turning point for the Hank-Deirdre relationship or will Hank still be denying his attraction to her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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