In episode 3 of No Tomorrow, Evie gets anxious about the idea of Xavier meeting her family and friends when she begins to question his sanity. Living like there’s no tomorrow is fun and all, but she doesn’t want people to know her boyfriend actually believes the end is near. Check out the funniest quotes from the episode, “No Doubt,” below.

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“I’m gonna go get my sleuth on.”
Evie: “I’m gonna go get my sleuth on.”
Kareema: “Go get ’em, Inspector Gidget.”

No Tomorrow103-1.jpg“I think some of your ‘what the fig’ attitude is rubbing off on me!”
– Evie to Xavier

No Tomorrow103-2.jpg“Relax Evie, this isn’t the first time I’ve been tazered.”
Evie: “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?”
Xavier: “Relax Evie, this isn’t the first time I’ve been tazered.”
Evie: “It isn’t!?”

No Tomorrow103-3.jpg“Can you hop on the dark web or whatever and see what you can find on Xavier?”
– Evie to Hank

No Tomorrow103-4.jpg“Stand back Evie, I’m diving deep and you don’t want to get hit with the backsplash.”
– Hank about looking into Xavier’s past

No Tomorrow103-5.jpg“Customer service, what’s your problem?”
– Kareema

No Tomorrow103-6.jpg“We all are.”
Mary Anne: “There you are! I am dying –“
Xavier: “We all are.”
Mary Anne: “– to talk to you.”

No Tomorrow103-7.jpg“That’s morse code. It means he wants us all to listen to him.”
– Hank about Xavier dinging his glass with a fork to make a toast

No Tomorrow103-8.jpg“To Evie! I truly hope that this, your final birthday before Asteroid 2000 WX354 collides with Earth and wipes out every last living thing on it, was the best one ever.”
– Xavier’s toast

No Tomorrow103-9.jpg“Would you stop being so quiet? You depressed is so much more distracting than you perky.”
– Kareema to Evie

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