Inthe third episode of No Tomorrow season 1, titled “No Doubt,” Xavier tries to share his apocalypse theory with the public but ends up getting arrested. His actions cause Evie to wonder whether or not he is really crazy. Meanwhile, Timothy struggles with writer’s block after his break-up with Evie, and there is a twist in the Deirdre-Hank saga.

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A Bump in the Road to Romance

As the episode begins, Evie is enjoying her time with Xavier so much that she’s talking him up at work. Kareema is excited by the prospect of finally meeting Evie’s new beau and thinks Evie’s upcoming birthday seems like the perfect opportunity.

In other news, Deirdre is still focused on her quest to win Hank’s affections, but her chair-related gifts are no longer getting her anywhere. Evie tells Deirdre to have faith that her attentiveness will win Hank over. Deirdre then tells Evie that they have a quality control problem and it is up to Evie to solve it. Apparently, someone has been screwing up orders, so Deirdre wants Evie to figure out who it is and fire them.

Hank is worried about Timothy and how his break-up with Evie is affecting him. The guy is so sad that he can’t even be bothered to get up off the floor when he needs to go online, so he asks Hank to place an order for him. He orders items to help him get over his break-up-induced writer’s block.

Later that day, Xavier and Evie are discussing her birthday. She has dozens of ideas of what she wants to do, but she cannot decide. Xavier randomly pulls over during their drive so they can head to a reading by Professor Fields. She is the world’s leading astrophysicist and is just the kind of person who can validate his theory and alert the public. As soon as she finishes her reading, Xavier tries to talk to her about his theory. The woman immediately recognizes him and has the guards stop him. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Xavier tried to talk to her, and he did not make a good impression during his previous attempts.

Is Xavier Crazy?

Thanks to his actions at the reading, Xavier gets arrested. This has Evie freaking out, especially since Xavier takes it all in stride. Xavier doesn’t care if his behavior makes him look nuts because it’s important that people know about the upcoming apocalypse. He tells Evie that the professor is only in town for two more days, so he has to find some other way to get her to read his research.

Xavier’s behavior has made Evie wonder if he is less “crazy-fun” and more “crazy-crazy.” While she makes a pro-con list of dating him, she asks Hank to look into Xavier, but Hank cannot find a single thing about him online. The fact that Xavier is a “cyber ghost” has Hank so intrigued that he demands a sit-down with Evie’s new friend. Evie hopes this sit-down will help her determine if Xavier is crazy or not, but Hank was probably not the best person to choose to determine this. Hank, a noted conspiracy theorist, is totally charmed by Xavier and his apocalypse theory.

While Evie is dealing with her Xavier drama, Timothy is having trouble of his own. A random fitness device got mixed into his order, and he calls Kareema to get things sorted out. Alas, after learning that it will cost him to return the item, he decides to keep it. This turns out to be a good thing because the fitness device gets him out of the house and eventually helps him break his writer’s block.

Since Evie is still unsure about whether she wants a potentially crazy boyfriend in her life, she decides that the best thing to do is to keep Xavier completely separate from the rest of her life. Unfortunately, that plan is blown when Xavier shows up at her surprise birthday party that night with all her friends and family.

Xavier Reveals His Crazy to Evie’s Friends and Family

Evie spends most of the evening worrying about what Xavier might say to her friends and family. However, he ends up charming them all with his “now or never” view on life. Xavier then leads everyone back to his place for a special celebration. There are 31 cakes, one for each of Evie’s birthdays. Yet instead of eating said cakes, they have a food fight that wastes all that perfectly good dessert. Unfortunately, as the evening comes to an end, Xavier makes a toast where he says that he hopes Evie enjoyed this birthday because it is her final one before the asteroid hits.

Evie’s family is clearly disturbed by Xavier’s toast, so Evie tries to act like it was just a joke, but her family isn’t buying it. Once everyone leaves, Evie confronts Xavier about outing his crazy theory to everyone she cares about. This leads to a fight in which Xavier tells her that his theory is a fundamental part of who he is, and she doesn’t get to pick and choose which sides of him she likes.

Thanks to her fear that Xavier is just plain crazy, Evie tries living life to the fullest on her own. She even tries crossing things off her list, but it’s just not fun without Xavier.

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Evie Tries to Prove That Xavier isn’t Crazy

At work, Evie finds out that incorrect orders are still being reported, so she gathers the fulfillment employees together to question them. While they end up confessing to a bunch of random misdeeds, none of them seem to have any idea who is behind the bad orders.

Later that day, Evie has a chat with her dad that leads to a revelation. Xavier’s apocalypse theory is a scientific theory and, therefore, can be proven. Evie decides to talk to the famous astrophysicist and get her to confirm if Xavier is actually on to something with his theory.

Evie arranges a meet-cute with the professor so she can chat her up. They are getting along well when Evie mentions that she is seeing someone who has a theory that they’d like to get checked out. Just then, Xavier shows up and the professor gets ready to leave because she thinks he’s nuts. However, Evie and Xavier manage to convince her to give them five minutes, and Xavier lays out all the math he’s done to prove his theory. He presents her with his research and she takes it, but Evie sees her throw it out as soon as she thinks they have left. Evie decides not to tell Xavier that the professor isn’t going to review his theory.

After noticing the way Deirdre was paying attention to him during Evie’s party, Hank is worried that she plans to fire him and decides to invite her for trivia night as a way to throw her off balance. This plan ends up backfiring. Thanks to Xavier telling Deirdre to forget the corporate guidelines, she decides to just make her move. (Her “move” involves whispering all seductively in Hank’s ear, but since all she says is that she has to use the bathroom, it doesn’t really seem like she broke those guidelines.)

Evie Decides to Support Xavier (Even If He is Crazy)

At work, Hank confesses to Evie that he felt something the previous night with Deirdre, and Evie realizes that Hank might actually like her now — though Hank is still in total denial about it.

When Hank tells Evie that a screwed-up order helped Timothy get over his post-break-up sadness, Evie realizes that Kareema is behind all the recent wrong orders. Kareema started switching orders around because she was bored at work, but Xavier inspired her and now she is doing it to help others. Kareema says that Xavier might be crazy, but maybe crazy is worth it.

Later, Evie tells Deirdre that she found the person behind the bad orders and took care of it. (In actuality, the guy Evie names decided to quit his job to go be with his second family, and he was too nervous to tell Deirdre himself so he asked Evie to do it for him.) Evie’s solution is lost on Deirdre because she’s upset that Hank literally ran away from her when she made a move. Evie doesn’t tell her that Hank has a thing for her now, but she does tell Deirdre not to give up on him yet.

Evie talks to her mom about Xavier’s theory and how passionate he is about it. Evie’s mom says that love is about having your partner’s back, and Evie realizes that she is right, especially after Evie’s dad quits his job to pursue acting — despite having no talent for it — and her mother supports him.

Evie stops by Xavier’s place to tell him that she doesn’t need a professor to tell her that Xavier’s way of life helps people. Evie goes on to say that they can still be together even if they don’t believe in all the same things. She then shows Xavier some flyers she made about Xavier’s theory. They head to a high rooftop and start throwing them off as a way to spread the word about Xavier’s apocalypse theory.

What did you think of the third episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Are you surprised it took Evie this long to realize that Xavier might be crazy? Do you think Evie is right in thinking that it doesn’t matter if Xavier helps everyone live a better life? Are you surprised that Hank is starting to return Deirdre’s feelings? This episode gave each of the minor characters their own mini-storylines. Did that change your opinion on any of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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