In the ninth episode of No Tomorrow season 1, titled “No Truer Words,” Evie goes to Timothy for help in making amends after Xavier learns that she’s been keeping a secret from him. Meanwhile, Hank realizes he has competition for Deirdre’s affections, and Kareema tries to help her brother through a difficult time.

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Evie Wants to Makes Things Up to Xavier

As the episode begins, Evie decides to adopt an honesty policy with everyone in her life. This leads to her revealing a secret she has been keeping from Xavier. When Xavier tells Evie that he thinks Professor Fields is getting ready to publish her peer review of his apocalypse theory, Evie has to break the news to him that the professor never actually read his theory. Xavier is deeply upset that Evie lied to him. By keeping the truth from him, she caused him to lose an entire month in which he could’ve been working to share his theory with the world.

Xavier eventually realizes that the reason Evie kept the truth from him is because when he thought he had gotten his message out into the world, he stopped talking about it all the time, thus giving them a break from the doom and gloom. Yet, Evie still wants to do something to make amends for lying to Xavier, so she decides to find a way to help Xavier get his apocalypse theory out to the public. She ends up going to Timothy for help in spreading the word about Xavier’s theory because Timothy now works for a magazine with plenty of exposure.

Timothy meets with Xavier and realizes that his theory will draw plenty of attention to the magazine, so he pitches the story to his editor. Alas, Timothy’s editor is not interested in Xavier’s theory, but she is interested in Xavier. She wants Timothy to do a negative piece on Xavier as a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Timothy tells Evie about the new angle of his article, and Evie is upset. She accuses Timothy of wanting to do the attack piece on Xavier because he is jealous of Xavier’s relationship with her. Timothy tells Evie that in researching Xavier for the article, he hasn’t been able to find any information on him and he wonders if Evie knows anything about her boyfriend at all. They get into an argument, and Timothy leaves.

When Evie informs Xavier about Timothy’s article, Xavier decides to take it as a good thing. Perhaps people will read the piece and be interested in learning more about his theory. Evie then comes up with a way to get more people to hear about Xavier’s theory. She e-mails some of Cybermart’s most suggestible customers and invites them to an “inspirational event.” Yet, instead of just telling people that the world is going to end, Xavier decides to approach things a bit differently.

Rather than focus on the doom and gloom of his apocalypse theory, Xavier talks to his audience about a “what if” scenario. He asks them what they would do if they knew they only had six months left to live. He tells them to embrace their “what if” and make a promise to themselves to actually do it. His passionate speech works on the crowd, and they all write down their “what ifs” in chalk on the sidewalk. Xavier may not have convinced them that the world is going to end, but he may have helped them improve their lives.

At the end of the episode, Timothy informs Evie that his research into Xavier revealed some surprising information. It turns out that Xavier has been lying to Evie about who he is, so much that even his name is a lie.

Hank Gets His Heart Broken

Hank is very upset over his break-up with Deirdre, so Evie tells Hank the truth about Deirdre’s interest in him. She explains that their relationship was not just a fling because Deirdre had a whole seduction operation going on in order to get Hank to notice her. After learning this, Hank goes to Deirdre and tells her that he doesn’t want their relationship to be over. Unfortunately, Deirdre tells Hank that she needs to focus on her work responsibilities right now and she cannot be distracted by romance. Yet, Hank realizes she lied to him when he sees her with another guy.

Hank checks Deirdre’s schedule and realizes she is going on a date with the guy that night. He goes to his friends for help, and Kareema suggests that he find a way to sabotage Deirdre’s night out. Kareema offers to help, and the two end up crashing Deirdre’s date. They discover Deirdre and this man attending a dance class, so they decide to join in.

During the class, Hank learns that Deirdre’s date is actually her ex-husband, whom she has already married and divorced twice over. She apparently agrees to marry him every time they win a dance competition, and there is one coming up. Hank decides he needs to enter the competition and win in order to keep Deirdre from reuniting with her ex-husband. Hank ropes Kareema into entering the competition as his partner.

Hank and Kareema perform at the dance competition, but they are no match for Deirdre and her ex-husband. They are such a hit at the competition that Deirdre’s ex proposes to her right then and there, and Deirdre accepts. Hank is devastated.

As the episode comes to an end, Hank confronts Deirdre about lying to him. She admits that she was hurt when he didn’t stand by her during the workers’ strike. That made her realize that if Hank ends up rejecting her down the line, it would be extremely painful for her. She would rather end their relationship now than risk more heartbreak in the future.

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Evie Learns the Truth About Fern

This episode sees the return of Fern, Evie’s former friend and Timothy’s new girlfriend. Fern uses her role in the Cyber Hugs program to bring in some therapy animals for the Cybermart employees in order to improve work conditions in the wake of the recent strike. Evie ends up speaking with the woman in charge of the animals, and she learns that Cyber Hugs is taking a processing fee from all the companies involved with the program. Evie looks into it and realizes that someone has been embezzling money from the program. She eventually discovers that the embezzler is Fern.

Fern does not deny the accusation and explains that people didn’t start taking her seriously until she had money to impress them with. Evie tells Fern that she is giving her 24 hours to do the right thing and return the money. If she doesn’t, Evie will have to report Fern to Deirdre.

Fern tries to talk to Timothy about her work situation, but Timothy is obsessed with his article on Xavier. Fern realizes that Timothy is still hung up on Evie, and that helps her make up her mind on how to handle Evie’s ultimatum. Instead of coming clean and accepting the consequences of her actions, Fern decides to leave the country. Deirdre learns about Fern’s scheme, and she tells Evie that the Cyber Hugs program may now be in jeopardy.

Kareema Comes Clean

Kareema’s brother is not in a good place after his break-up with Sofia, and Kareema still has not told him about their relationship. She tells Evie that her brother goes through five stages of grief after every break-up. Kareema thinks that once he gets through those stages, he will be over Sofia and she can tell him the truth without hurting him.

Alas, things do not work out as Kareema expected them to. While we do not hear their conversation about Sofia, we see that Kareema’s brother is visibly upset upon learning the truth. Will Kareema’s brother be able to forgive her for falling in love with his former fiancee?

What did you think of this episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Why do you think Xavier has been lying to Evie this whole time? Is their relationship over now or will Xavier find a way to convince Evie to give him another chance? Can Kareema work things out with her brother? If not, how will that impact her relationship with Sofia? Were you surprised to learn about Deirdre’s ex-husband? Do you think she’ll go through with the wedding or will her feelings for Hank win out in the end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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