In the second episode of No Tomorrow season 1, titled “No Crying in Baseball,” Xavier’s fugitive cousin causes some bumps in the road for Xavier and Evie as they continue to work on their “Apocalysts.” Meanwhile, Evie faces problems at work, and Hank tries to help Timothy reunite with Evie.

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Jesse Comes Between Evie and Xavier

The episode opens with Evie and Xavier talking each other up to their family members. As Evie and her sister discuss how hot Xavier is, Xavier and his cousin Jesse discuss how much Xavier likes Evie. They have this chat as they are freeing Jesse from his shackles. (If you remember from the pilot episode, Jesse is an escaped convict, something that comes up multiple times in this episode.)

Jesse thanks Xavier for breaking him out, and Xavier says he couldn’t let his cousin spend his last eight months on Earth in jail. Getting Jesse out of jail was also on Xavier’s Apocalyst, so he gets to cross that out. We see via a news broadcast that Jesse’s escape has caught everyone’s attention, so Xavier thinks he should lie low until the heat dies down.

After Evie and Xavier get together for a little rendezvous in the backseat of a car, Evie asks Xavier if he has a plan for how to deal with his cousin’s escape. Xavier assures her that he does and they can talk about it later that night.

At work, Evie’s boss, Deirdre, still wants Evie’s help to seduce Hank. Deirdre has noticed that Hank is carrying around a lot of stress and she wants to know if she can rub his shoulders. Alas, the guidelines say that would be inappropriate. Evie suggests that Deirdre just try being nice to Hank, and Deirdre is offended that Evie doesn’t think she’s nice. Evie says Deirdre can be intimidating because she’s such a powerful woman, so Deirdre decides to work on being more accessible. Evie then asks about the Cyber Hugs job and is told that hiring is frozen until further notice.

It turns out that corporate has hired an outside consulting firm due to the company’s poor performance. The executives will conduct employee interviews and then decide which employees needs to be fired. Evie immediately starts freaking out about the evaluation because she is terrible in high-pressure situations. (She couldn’t even handle hosting a game night with her friends.)

Despite her workplace worries, Evie stops by Xavier’s house that night. They are in the middle of a romantic evening when Jesse interrupts them, and Xavier explains that Jesse is moving in with him. He’ll be lying low in Xavier’s basement, at least until the asteroid hits. Evie is not impressed with Xavier’s version of a plan, and she points out that he is now harboring a fugitive. Alas, Xavier says his cousin is like a brother to him, so he’s not going anywhere.

Timothy Wants Evie Back

Evie debates turning Jesse in, but after running a hypothetical problem by her friends, she decides against it. During their chat, Hank asks Evie how things are going with Xavier, and Evie says things have gotten a bit difficult. This leads Hank to call Timothy and tell Evie’s ex that he still has a shot at getting back together with Evie.

Later that day, Deirdre stops by to have lunch with Evie and her friends. Evie then tries to advise Deidre on how to act —  via text — but it doesn’t work out. Evie once again suggests that Deirdre do something nice for Hank — within HR guidelines, of course.

While Evie is at work, Xavier and Jesse work on getting Jesse a new license/identity, but it will cost them $10,000. Luckily, Jesse knows where they can get the money. We learn that Jesse ended up in prison because he stole millions from crooked CEOs to give to the “little guy,” but he ended up holding onto some of it. While gathering the money, Jesse and Xavier find a time capsule they put together when they were kids. Inside of the time capsule is a tape Xavier’s mom made for him.

After his chat with Hank, Timothy shows up at Evie’s place to see if Hank is right about her rocky relationship with Xavier. During their discussion, Timothy decides that there is still a spark between them, so he asks Hank to help him win back Evie’s affections.

Evie is still freaking out about her upcoming evaluation when Xavier basically breaks into her house by coming through her window. He says he tried knocking, but she didn’t answer. (I think this is meant to be cute, but it’s also kind of creepy.) Xavier came to see Evie because he wants her to bond with Jesse. He invites her to join them on an adventure and says that if she agrees, they will help her prepare for her interview.

Road Trip for Three

Xavier explains that Jesse used to work as a financial adviser, so he knows a thing or two about high-pressure workplaces. Jesse then tries to grill Evie during a mock interview, but it does nothing to help with her stress. They then decide that some physical activity might help distract Evie, so they have a little batting practice while questioning Evie. It seems to be helping until Evie accidentally hits the ball into Jesse’s face and breaks his nose. Yet this accident seems to bring Jesse and Evie closer together.

Later that night, Evie catches Xavier watching his mom’s video, but he cuts it off before the tape ends, seemingly too emotional to finish it. The next day, Evie asks Jesse about the tape, and Jesse says that Evie needs to talk to Xavier about that. Evie also asks Jesse if he believes in Xavier’s apocalypse theory. Jesse thinks Xavier’s theory is a bit out there, but he says that anyone would be a little crazy if they had been through what Xavier has. (I imagine we will learn more about that later this season.) Jesse tries to use Xavier’s microwave, but Evie and Xavier fried it, so Evie says she will buy him a replacement. This leads to a road trip for the new trio.

While Evie is hanging out with Xavier and Jesse, Hank is giving Timothy a makeover so he looks more like Xavier. (Apparently, they think the only reason Evie is into Xavier is because of his fashion sense.) This makeover even includes an ill-advised ear piercing.

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Is Jesse Too Much of a Risk?

The trio arrives at Dead Man’s Cliff, and Evie learns that jumping off the cliff is on Xavier’s Apocalyst. Xavier wants Evie to take the jump with them — jumping off the high-dive is on Evie’s list, so Xavier thinks it’s close enough — but Evie is terrified. Jesse jumps first, but Evie is still hesitant.

To take her mind off her fear, Xavier tells Evie that he heard her asking about his mom. He says she passed away when he was at university. He then tells Evie about the tape he found but explains that he is having a hard time getting through the tape. Apparently, the wound is still fresh. Xavier goes on to say that his mom had family in Seattle, so they spent summers there when he was a kid. His mom tried to get him to jump off Dead Man’s Cliff, but he never would. He wants to try again, this time with Evie. Xavier also thinks that if Evie can confront this fear, her evaluation should be a breeze. Evie eventually agrees, and they make the jump.

As they are all coming down from their cliff-jumping high, Jesse throws his empty beer can right onto a cop car and the cop spots them. As Evie starts to panic, the cop merely asks Jesse to pick up the beer can and not litter again. Still, the close call is enough to have Evie on edge again. Xavier agrees to get Jesse out of the country without putting Evie at risk, but Evie is still not pleased because helping Jesse will put Xavier at risk. Xavier explains that he has to get his cousin to safety because it’s on his Apocalyst, and Evie is upset that he is letting his list dictate his life. Evie goes home alone but not without Xavier and Jesse wishing her luck with her evaluation.

Evie Helps Jesse

When it finally comes time for Evie’s evaluation, she remembers everything Xavier told her about facing her fears. The executives ask her why they should keep her around despite all the problems in her department, and Evie explains in great detail that she knows how things work here better than anyone. Even though Evie runs out before the evaluation is really over, the executives are impressed with her.

After her interview, Evie runs into Hank and Timothy. She is shocked by Timothy’s new look and mentions that she was a fan of his original look. (Poor Timothy only pierced one ear because it hurt too much.)

While Evie is meeting with the executives, Xavier finally goes to watch his mom’s tape again. This time, he makes it all the way through. His mother says that every day is a gift, so he should always follow his heart. She also tells him to try and keep Jesse out of jail because Jesse was apparently a troublemaker even as a kid.

Evie runs to Xavier’s place at the same time he is rushing to find her. Xavier was coming to tell Evie that he is going to let Jesse handle things on his own, but Evie has an idea of how to get him out of the country. (She came up with this idea during her evaluation.) Evie knows there have been a lot of problems with the shipping department, so much so that some packages even wind up in different countries. She and Xavier then sneak Jesse into Evie’s workplace and pack him into one of the boxes to be shipped out to Canada.

Xavier Helps Evie’s Dad

Later that day, Evie stops by to see Hank. She knows he is only trying to help Timothy win her back because he doesn’t want things to change between the three of them. Evie says things will be different, but they can still hang out. She even promises to give game night another shot. Their chat is interrupted when Deirdre shows up with a special desk chair for Hank to help with his stress. Deidre is proud of herself for doing something nice for someone.

In other news, we find out that Evie’s salesman father is in a competition to win Salesman of the Year at his workplace. Alas, the title always goes to someone named Barry instead. Evie’s sister tries to talk her father into fighting for the title this year, but she is not confident that he can win. Evie and her sister discuss doing something nice for their father if he does actually win. Evie tries to help her dad out by buying Xavier’s new microwave from him, but Barry managed to sell a hot tub so he has no chance to win. That is, until Xavier comes along. Xavier ends up using Jesse’s money to buy nine washing machines from Evie’s dad, so he wins Salesman of the Year.

That night, Evie and Xavier use all of those washing machines to have a foam dance party in Xavier’s backyard. It is the kind of ridiculous scene that could only happen on this show.

What did you think of the second episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Did Evie take too big of a risk in helping Jesse get out of the country? Do you hope we see Jesse again? Am I the only one who was hoping the show would find a way to keep Timothy around without resorting to a love triangle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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