On tonight’s episode, Nikita (Maggie Q), Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), Michael (Shane West) and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) reunite, while Percy (Xander Berkeley) enacts his plan for escape.

The Fab Four Are Finally Together

Alex is staying with Nikita and Birkhoff at their new safe house until she figures out her next move. As the three try to discover what Percy is up to, Michael returns and they are all reunited. Michael has nice moments with Birkhoff and Alex before they make excuses to give Michael and Nikita some alone time.

Michael tells Nikita that he spent all of his time with his son looking over his shoulder, wondering when Division would come after them, and that is no way to live. Michael says they need to take their enemies down for good, but he is interrupted before the conversation can continue.

Clean Sweep

The remaining Oversight leaders decide that the only way to deal with their Division problem is to order a clean sweep and take out everything Division-related, including all personnel.

Senator Pierce warns Sean (Dillon Casey) about Oversight’s plans, but Sean decides to go after Nikita first. Senator Pierce continues to argue with her colleagues, but they are intent on taking Division down.

Sniper Sean

Sean tracks Nikita and the others down and attempts to kill Nikita. Luckily, Alex stops him just in time and Sean becomes a hostage. Alex tells the others that she knows Sean has doubts and Nikita decides to try and convince him that they are not the bad guys.

Nikita and co. manage to get through to Sean and he tells them about Oversight’s plan to destroy Division. Nikita decides to blackmail Oversight in order to save the people inside Division and Sean goes along with the plan. Unfortunately, it is too little, too late.

No Love Lost Here

Amanda (Melinda Clarke) and Percy have several confrontations in this episode, each involving them constantly trying to one-up the other. Percy says Amanda should release him and they should join forces against Oversight, but Amanda refuses. She then explains that the reason she took Percy down was because he never treated her like an equal. She says their partnership was special, but Percy says there was never anything real between them.

The word “love” is thrown around a few times, making one wonder if these two were more than just colleagues. Eventually, Amanda decides it is time to put Percy into that medically induced coma she has threatened him with in the past, but she is (predictably) interrupted.

Percy’s Plan Is Revealed

The Guardians finally make it to their intended target, but it is not Division, as everyone had assumed. On Percy’s orders, the Guardians infiltrate Oversight and take the leaders hostage. When the Guardians call Amanda to negotiate Percy’s release, they threaten to carry out Oversight’s plan of a clean-sweep.

Amanda does not believe they will go through with it, but Percy reminds her that if he cannot have Division, no one can. Thanks to a call Sean placed to his mother earlier on, Team Nikita overhears everything and they now have a choice to make.

Will Nikita and Co. risk everything to save the people they have been trying to bring down? Will Sean rescue his mother from the Guardians? Will Amanda give in to the Guardians’ demands or hope she will be saved by that mysterious person she called during tonight’s episode? Is it possible Amanda called in help from Division’s competitor, Gogol, or is there another player we don’t even know about? And how will we survive the hiatus with all of these questions looming, given that the show does not return until February 3?

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