This week on The Secret Circle, there’s plot continuity, dances, fire, ice, smoke, dark magic, sexiness and looming bad boy interests. Also, it’s the series best episode to date. Think you can keep up?

Random Relationship Dance

First, the show tries to do magic for fun; a novel concept for this show so far. Other than Faye unlocking her lock and the weird experimentation with it earlier in the season, magic is used sparsely. Until Cassie and Diana try to use magic for fashion! But it ends up in flames (literally). Normally, I’d say, “Boo, Cassie ruins everything.” But that dress was abysmal and I love Dark Cassie.

Speaking of fun: the girlies have a bonding session! The girls sans Faye all take each other to the dance, strangely designed as a Fire and Ice. I feel old because in my day (which wasn’t long ago) the only dances schools had were Homecoming and Prom. Fo’ realz.

The real heartwarming clincher is the scenes between Diana and Melissa; both were good friends who went in different directions. The two bond later over worrying about their respective BFFles quest of dark magic and whatnot. You know, normal stuff.

Robert Frost Shout Out

Between this and the Twilight series, Robert Frost’s poem is getting a lot love. Woot woot.

I forgot about Adam’s storyline until tonight. It basically revolves around an unnatural obsession with Cassie. Tonight he decides to be proactive in his leering/stalking/crush/ whatever. With the reintroduction of the loose-lipped drunk father, I am reminded of Cassie and Adam’s ‘connection’ (he said it, not me) that everyone knows; it even broke up Adam and Diana.

Jake’s gone (well, as far as Adam knows) and Diana’s moving on (explains that weird half smile thing he did when he saw his ex dancing with another dude) so that means Cassie’s available. But Cassie (being a good friend) says how awkward that will be for Diana. So Adam, being ‘proactive’ turns into either a complete tool or an oblivious boy: he enlists Diana’s help to date Cassie. She walks away, about to cry. Ugh. He is such a boy.

Fire and Ice is Quite Literal

In the actual magic plot points in this program, everything is brought from the shadows and used. Remember that page Faye tore out of Cassie’s book? Well, it’s a how-to- rip-Cassie’s dark magic out from under her. And it completely screws with the other members of the group.

Everyone’s favorite bad girl has found herself a bad boy. Faye is totally enchanted by the dark side. Look at all that black she and Lee wore this episode. Lee isn’t very powerful (so far in what we’ve seen) but he has knowledge in magic, something all of the circle lacks. So these two, under Lee’s guidance, plan to take away the dark magic Cassie’s not controlling and put it in Faye.

So what does Lee get out of this, Faye aptly puts? Lee will ask for a favor in the future, which to us in the audience screams ‘don’t trust this creep.’ But Faye, given her damaged history with Jake, assumes sex. Lee says bluntly, “When we have sex it won’t be because of a deal.” Presumptuous and sexy with a little bit of creepy… a CW stud if I ever knew! The chemistry between these two is really great and props to the actors for making it dangerous and flirty.

The two perform the ritual at this dance, clearly constructed and made by the art department and not teenagers. Faye goes a little mad with power, lighting stuff on fire and freezing things. Faye’s the epitome of Id, but she does have a conscience. Unlike Lee, Faye cares about what happens to the rest of the group. Also, I think the Circle members were affected first were those closest to Faye. Adam barely reacted until the end.

Cassie, with her good soul and messed up hero complex, run into save Melissa, passed out somewhere other than the bathroom. The Circle turns on Faye for her self-absorbed and destructive behavior when she uses magic. But she holds her own: Cassie brought out the demon who killed Nick, trusted the witch hunter and nearly choked Adam to death. She’s done, and she will definitely turn to bad boy Lee in their absence. I sense trouble.

Finally, there is Jake. Jake’s presence and importance in the show looms in the background. Everyone is sure they see this dude; he’s like the Grim Reaper but not. Jake is presumed to have saved Cassie and Melissa from the smoke. And then, the dude has the audacity to show up, when Adam and Cassie are making out, like it’s no big deal.

OMG, Continuity

The show is finally embracing continuity, self-awareness, and establishing the Circle. Also, I would like to state that Diana is this week’s allstar for me: her confession that their dresses were kind of slutty and her slight breakdown over Adam were some of my favorite parts. This is seriously the best episode thus far and next week’s episode will finally answer some important questions.

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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Emily E. Steck

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