What was THAT? In what was arguably the season’s weakest outing, “This Magic Moment” was anything but magical. Instead we got a jumbled mess of an episode that was all over the place with a few inspired scenes but also a multitude of miscues. My musings on various characters:

Meredith, Derek, and Zola

Is that Zola a cutie pie or what? Oh, look! She clapped her hands in the gallery! She took her first steps! They’re a family! Yay! Did I mention Zola’s adorable?

Bailey, Ben and…Meredith?

The scene between Miranda and Meredith was inspired:  clever, witty, and hilarious. The long and complicated history between the women only added to the merriment as Dr. Bailey took Dr. Grey out of an epic surgery to mediate her personal life, but things quickly went downhill from there. Don’t get me wrong. I like Ben and I don’t have a problem with him gently prodding Miranda to take a leap of faith. But I will not tolerate having Miranda Bailey, Surgical Goddess and Mentor of the Highest Caliber, reduced to looking like a fool because she got so flustered in surgery that she couldn’t see that a missing sponge was on her shoe. I will not have it.  Miranda Bailey mocked? Not cool. In general, however, I’m back on Team Ben. They complement each other nicely and heaven knows the woman deserves some happiness.

Richard and Alex

I’ve been raving all season long about how Richard has been my favorite character this season, but tonight he disappointed me. Yes, I understand what he was trying to teach Karev, but it was still a crummy thing to do.  Twice. As for Alex, do I really believe that the Alex Karev we’ve known for eight seasons would fall for that, despite his respect for Webber? No, I do not. The whole thing just didn’t ring true to me. Sorry.

Teddy, Cristina and … April?

So I get it that Teddy needed to be absolutely assured that every possible measure had been taken to save Henry’s life, before she could accept that he died. I get it. But was having Cristina endlessly repeat the details of the surgery (in the OR for heaven’s sake) really necessary? Cristina was a rock about the whole thing, hanging in there like a pro, amazingly understanding about the situation. I would have probably responded more like April, who finally snapped and called Teddy on her Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs behavior. At least Teddy doesn’t blame Cristina for what happened. Sheesh.

Lexie, Mark and…Julia

So Lexie thought Mark was telling her how much he wished she could have been with him in surgery and rushed to agree with him only to find out that he was actually talking (via his out-of-Lexie’s-line-of-sight earpiece) to his girlfriend Julia. Awkward!

Conjoined Twins, Brandy and Andy

Finally, there was a surgery that kept the ensemble cast busy the whole episode (to the exclusion of any romantic scenes whatsoever): separating conjoined twins who were nearly as adorable as Zola, but not quite. There was a green team and a red team. Owen was all chiefly and in charge. Arizona was a well-meaning control freak.The signature GA soundtrack was replaced by classical music. And I was reminded again of how I would gladly dig ditches or haul rocks rather than be a surgeon. Not kidding. But the surgery was a success, so our doctors are moving on…and so are we.

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Hope for the Hopeless” airs Thursday, January 19 on ABC.

Janalen Samson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV