On  tonight’s episode of Nikita, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) team up with an old friend to tackle their latest mission.

Top 5 Moments

A small disagreement: Nikita and Michael have been planning an op for weeks, but when Michael learns that a former Division program may be up and running once more, he tells Nikita that this new mission takes priority. As the shady “P9” program involves normal people trained as sleeper assassins who can be activated at any time, Nikita agrees to make the P9 program their new mission.

Owen returns: Nikita and Michael run into their former colleague while they are all searching for information on the P9 program. Owen (Devon Sawa) has been looking for the man who created that program, Dr. Mars, because the good doctor also created the Regimen drug Owen is on and he believes Mars can help him detox. The three agree to team up to find Dr. Mars and stop the sleeper assassin.

Party crashers: Nikita, Michael and Owen show up at a benefit where they think the assassin will try to kill a Senator. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) also arrives at the same benefit but before she can go after Nikita, she has to save the Senator from the assassin’s bullet while Nikita and co. bring down the assassin. Later, Sean (Dillon Casey) shows up to chastise Alex for letting both Nikita and the assassin get away. In Alex’s defense, it all happened rather quickly and she barely had time to register Nikita’s presence before everything went south.

Is love in the air for Birkhoff?: The second sleeper assassin sent to kill the Senator is brought back to Birkhoff’s hide-out. At first Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) is very unhappy to have another house guest but he comes around quickly when the young woman, Alicia, turns out to be a fellow computer geek. Unfortunately, their flirtation is interrupted when Alicia’s programming kicks back in and she knocks Birkhoff out so she can complete her mission. Luckily, Nikita stops Alicia from killing her target (who turns out to be a judge, not the Senator) but Alicia is sent back into the real world and this potential love connection is stopped in its tracks.

Oh, Owen: The episode concludes with a rather surprising twist — Owen is being funded by another party in his attempt to find the other guardians and kill Percy. He now works for Gogol, the Russian version of Division. How do you think Nikita will react when she finds out Owen is working for an enemy just as bad as Division?

On the next episode of Nikita, Michael’s life is on the line when Amanda catches up with him.

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