Nikita ended with Division destroyed and Nikita one of the most wanted women in the world. Instead of staying with her family, she walked out without saying goodbye and left her engagement ring behind in an utterly heartbreaking scene. 

Executive Producer Craig Silverstein and Maggie Q sat down with reporters to discuss that decision and what’s to come in the final six Nikita episodes.

Executive Producer Craig Silverstein’s interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Nikita’s decision to leave her family behind in the finale was “a relapse to self-destructive behavior.”
  • She left to protect them more than to be a loner again. Though, there’s some unresolved issue. And, that will be addressed in the final six episodes.
  • It goes back to her rough childhood. She needs to work on that. Division never addressed those issues.
  • Silverstein thinks he knows how it ends. Though, he thought Amanda would die last season and she didn’t.
  • He’s happy with the opportunity to close out the story with six final episodes.
  • The home base will be a plane, a 727 cargo jet, that Alex got for the team. “It’s a symbol of them being on the run.”
  • Who’s going to fly the plane? “That’s kinda a joke on the show.” Birkhoff and Michael can fly, but it’s often on auto-pilot.
  • Sean wasn’t resurrected to fly the plane.
  • The finale was written with the expectation that the show would be back. He thought they would get 13 though.
  • “Some of them.” on if any of the characters will have a happy ending.
  • The secret of Division was what gave it power, but now that it’s gone it’s getting out in the press. Now they have a “survivor bond” holding them together.

Maggie Q interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • Nikita’s “never put herself above anyone.”
  • She cares about them too much to put them in danger. She had to leave.
  • “100%” that she left to protect them rather than going back to her loner ways.
  • Nikita would have given her life for Michael. The world’s hunting her and she couldn’t stay.
  • “She’s sick with pain. She’s sick. She would never choose to leave if she didn’t have to.”
  • Maggie Q knew that season 4 would be the last. She always expected it would go four seasons.
  • She loved the experience of Nikita and the creative fulfillment she’s gotten from it.
  • Maggie Q does believe that Nikita and Michael are destined to be together, though she also loves a tragedy.

Nikita will return for the final six episodes in late fall 2013.

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