Hang on to your library cards. Tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation marks the return of Tammy Swanson (Megan Mullally), otherwise known as the she-devil that ruins Ron’s life on a once-a-season basis. Have no clue what I’m talking about? Check out these sneak peek clips and try not to laugh. Go ahead, I dare you.

So, what could be better than a 22-minute Ron and Tammy tornado? How about the opportunity to talk with real-life couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman? And, yes, they’re just as funny as their characters. Don’t be jealous.

Nick, we’ve heard that both you and Ron are wood whittlers, do you have any other similarities to your character?  

Nick Offerman: We both speak at a slow pace. I also am a very big fan of all meats, particularly pork-based meats. We both play the saxaphone, although Ron is much better than I am. And we both love a hot little firecracker that’s a brunette. 

On that note, what have you learned from the train wreck that is Ron and Tammy about how to better your own marriage? 

Megan Mullally: Fortunately in real life we have a very drama-free existence. We save all the drama for our Ron and Tammy episodes, then we really let the fur fly. And it does, particularly in tonight’s episode. We’ve worked together in the past, and we’ve done a lot of things together over the years, but this is the most high-profile thing we’ve done and certainly the most satisfying on a lot of levels.   

Tonight’s episode has some pretty wild scenes. Tell me about the process of filming them. 

Megan Mullally: They shoot so much stuff. We have an extended screaming match on a public sidewalk and an extended, weird love making on top of a police car. Just all kinds of very unsavory make-out sessions here and there, screaming matches and fist fights, you name it. 

Nick Offerman: It’s such a fun thing to get to do for a job. We’re sort of turned loose like children. It’s like being taken to a toy store and saying to a kid, it’s all yours, go nuts. And we get to act like the biggest asswipes, for fun. 

Will we see get to see Tammy again in a future episode? 

Megan Mullally: Yeah, you’re going to see her at least one more time. We don’t really know, but it seems like it’s sort of a once a season-ish kind of event. When Tammy shows up, it pretty much brings Ron to a screeching halt. 

You two met during a play, are there any future plans to work on the stage together again? 

Megan Mullally: Yes, actually. We’re hopefully going to be doing a play together, here in Los Angeles this spring or summer. We’re just waiting to get the rights to it.  

One of our fans on Facebook, Dana VonBrocken, wants to know: How long does it take to achieve a sufficient “full douche” hairstyle?

Nick Offerman: It evolves, over probably the first 12 episodes. It started as a solid five-eighths douche, but then our magnificent hair department was very influential in allowing it to swell to a maximum full douche.  

And @fish_vegi asked via Twitter: Nick, we’ve been taught the yin and yang of failure are salad and sharing, but what would you say are the yin and yang of success? 

Nick Offerman: Nick would say love and a walnut. Ron would say liberty and bacon.

Classic. And, just in case you can’t wait another second for tonight’s Ron and Tammy love/hate fest, here’s a look at what’s in store.

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