After releasing the angst-filled NCIS preview last week, it looks like the good folks at CBS wanted to remind fans of the good times. In their latest NCIS preview video, there are clips from episodes past, but they also be hints of things that are to come in Season 11?

Check out the latest NCIS preview video:

In the video, they ask the question: What Makes NCIS the #1 Show on Television?

After that, it’s a clip-a-palooza featuring some of the best moments from the past 10 seasons, including:

Some of the best scenes from “Frame Up” (like Tony in interrogation and in his jail cell). 

More and more headslaps and even one crotchslap (the classic one that McGee gave Tony).

Family moments with the team. 

Gibbs’ father and Tony’s father. 

All the wackiness that makes up Abby. 

Gibbs working on all his boats. 

Tony singing. 

Many moments where the team was in mortal danger. 

Once some of the older clips come and go, the video moves on to become basically a wrap-up of the last season, with clips from each of the bigger moments that led up to the Season 10 finale. Then they declare “The Best is Yet to Come” and mix more old clips with new clips. 

The use of so many clips from what can be considered some of the show’s most classic episodes, one has to wonder if maybe they are trying to tell us something about where NCIS Season 11 will go. Could we be heading into a new era of the series? One that is actually an echo of seasons past?

I personally found it encouraging to see how many clips there were from some of Tony’s best episodes, as well as clips featuring Abby being wacky, the fatherly angst for Tony and Gibbs, plus of course some great moments from McGee, Ducky and Palmer. If this is the kind of thing that is in store for us in Season 11, then I’m all in. 

What do you think of the latest NCIS Season 11 preview video? Do you think it gives hints of the type of season that is to come?

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV