After last Thursday’s shocking sire bond reveal, The Vampire Diaries kept the surprises coming. Though, that’s nothing new. Whenever the show provides answers, there are just more questions and conniving to be revealed. Elena’s sire bond to Damon is no longer a secret, but is her love for Damon from the bond? Or, is it her choice?

Learning From the Past

Out of all the flashbacks The Vampire Diaries has done, those in “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” were probably the least satisfying. They didn’t serve any purpose other than to introduce Charlotte and to show a time that Damon sacrificed his happiness for his brother.

Those reveals were both important to the story, but not essential. It was nice to see Lexi again. Whenever she appears, it’s a good thing.

Lessons from New Orleans 

The present day trip to New Orleans on the other hand was extremely important. Damon learned that the magic to free Charlotte not only didn’t work, it was a sham. The witch tricked Damon into sacrificing 12 people so she could access an evil power called the “expression.”

What an odd name for a darker than dark power. Instead, Damon would have to break the bond by letting his sire go. There is no magical solution that can break that bond. Damon tested it on Charlotte and while painful for her, it seemed to work. 

Damon is now left with a decision to make about whether he is willing to sacrifice Elena to give her freedom.

Revolt of the Hybrids

After breaking her sire bond to Klaus, Kim decided that she didn’t want to work with Tyler or Hayley anymore and led a rebellion against them. The target – Caroline. To protect the plan, Tyler couldn’t let this stand.

Elena offered herself to Kim instead of Caroline because she meant more to Klaus. And, Tyler used the opportunity to take Kim and force her to submit to him as the pack leader. His show of strength forced not only Kim to submit to him, but he gained all of the hybrids including Adrian.

Shane’s Plan Revealed

Hayley agreed to deliver 12 unsired Hybrids to Shane in exchange for information on her birth parents. With Adrian’s bond broke, she gained the 12 that he needs. But, what for?

While hanging out at girl’s night, Bonnie mentioned that she had been working with Shane to reignite her magical powers. Most importantly, she said he wanted to teach her to use “expression.” Hmm … isn’t that the evil power that Nandi mentioned her mother gained after Damon sacrificed 12 people?

But, why does Shane specifically want the hybrids? Why do they need to be sacrificed? His plan is starting to take form and make sense, but much of it is still a secret. Regardless, Shane is up to no good. 

Elena’s Love For Damon: By Bond? Or, By Choice?

The last few minutes of the episode were heartbreaking to watch. Elena feels truly happy and in a way she hasn’t before. Is it because of the sire bond? Or, is it because she is finally with her true love?

The pain on Damon’s face was horrible to see. He wants to make her happy, but he also wants to do right by her. Is breaking the bond the right thing to do? Or, should he honor her wish in this moment to remain bonded?

Wow. I’m not tied to the Stelena or Delena camp, but so this is a difficult decision. She has been in love with Stefan since they met, but the passion she has shown for Damon isn’t even in the same galaxy. 

Is it real? I don’t know. In the end, I expect that Damon will do right by Elena and break the bond. If she truly loves him, then she will find a way to choose to be with him. I don’t think Damon can continue with Elena now that he has doubts about her feelings.

What do you think? Should Damon break the sire bond? If he does, will Elena still have feelings for Damon? Or, will she feel more strongly about Stefan again? 

Why does Shane need to sacrifice the hybrids? Will it provide an even darker magic? Will Bonnie figure out she is being used before it’s too late?

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