Marriage is the overriding theme of this week’s NCIS episode. What is it about marriage that gets people so emotional? I mean, Gibbs has been married four times. Well, maybe he’s not the best example. OK, I’m starting to understand why the NCIS team members are a little skittish about holy matrimony.

Property Values are Going Down

A woman’s body is found by a couple shopping for a new apartment. Navy Lt. Commander Maya Burris was shot three times from a distance, and the body was wiped clean by somebody who knows law enforcement protocol. The bullets were also removed from the brick walls. Someone spent a lot of time cleaning up the crime scene. If you’re going to clean it that thoroughly, why not dispose of the body altogether? There are a lot of bodies of water in the D.C. area.

Wedding Jitters

Palmer worries about his own upcoming wedding as he ruminates on how devastated the victim’s widower is. Meanwhile, Ziva finds a link between her beloved Ray and the victim, so she goes to question him. His answer to her questions is to get down on one knee and propose, complete with sizeable rock. In a public place. Because that screams the private person that is Ziva. Not surprisingly, she hoists him up off his knee and refuses to give him a straight answer before running back to the NCIS office to discuss it with DiNozzo.

Mistakes Were Made

Burris was an unfortunate casualty of an attempt on the life of a former co-worker who was working with anti-American terrorists. Trouble is, the man behind the trigger was Ziva’s Ray. He was after Burris’ co-worker Norton, but she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got taken out by mistake. Since the CIA doesn’t sanction violence on US soil, Ray is in a bit of a pickle now that Ziva knows what he did.

Narrow Escape

Ziva meets up with Ray in front of the private jet. Which begs the question of how a guy on a CIA salary can afford a private jet. I mean, can a CIA agent really make that much more than an NCIS agent? Because judging by how the team members live, their salaries aren’t breaking the bank. McGee didn’t even buy a nice jacket until he started making money as an author.

Agent David gives CI-Ray a satisfying sock in the jaw as he begs her to let him explain. Sure, he went against direct orders by committing murder on US soil. And he really went against orders by killing an innocent Navy Commander and trying to cover it up. But she should be able to get over that, right? It’s not like he criticized her cooking. Maybe he can mull over those subtleties in prison.

Cherish is the Word

And now we’re back to the furtive glances between Tony and Ziva. Let’s not forget the assertions that the two are just friends, albeit it good ones. Detective Burris instructs them to cherish each other, whatever they are.

I’m just waiting for the next manufactured obstacle for these two. There is clearly no reason why they can’t be together at this point, and it feels like the writers are too scared to either try it out or permanently separate them. There have been far too many seasons of stasis. Move this storyline forward or cut it completely. I’m tired, already.

Crystal Waters
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