Over the weekend at TCA winter tour, FOX announced and confirmed that there would be no Glee spin-off show and that the graduating characters (or at least most of them) will be staying put on Glee. Creator Ryan Murphy has apparently come up with some “revolutionary” idea that will allow them to stay on.

Now we’ve received word of another season 4 update. E! Online first reported that Grant Gustin, who plays Warbler Sebastian, will become a series regular in season 4. They also said, “We’re hearing Gustin will recur throughout the rest of the season and has a real breakout episode with the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute.” Could this be true?

E! later updated their story to report that nothing is official just yet. Someone with the inside scoop told them “we are not finalizing any season 4┬áregulars until May.” Gustin even tweeted about the news: “Thanks for all the congrats but this news is not official as of yet.”

With the TCA’s being held over the weekend, I wonder if someone inside FOX let slip that Gustin would become a series regular. We’re still a long way out from season 4, so anything can happen, right? And when I say anything can happen, I mean it. Ryan Murphy is known to change his mind left and right. We saw that happen last summer.

If Gustin’s Sebastian does come on full-time, what does that mean for Kurt and Blaine. Sebastian obviously wants Blaine for himself. We already know that Blaine will be here next season since he is currently a junior. And with the recent news that Kurt and other graduating character will be staying put, it looks like Murphy plans on keeping this love triangle around for a while.

What do you think? Are you mad that they would even consider bringing him on full-time, or excited by all the storylines and possibilities this could bring to the show?

Glee returns January 17 at 8pm on FOX.

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Jeff Dodge

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