This week on Pretty Little Liars, the episode picks up with the aftermath of the girls’ brush with A. They now have the shadowy figure’s cell phone, but they can’t come to an agreement as to what they should do with it. After the phone rings, the girls get spooked and head to Caleb for some master hacking of the phone’s contents.

Jenna Stresses About Her Eyeballs

Caleb is hard at work trying to decipher what’s on A’s phone, but he also is putting pressure on Hanna to tell him how the girls came into possession of it in the first place. Meanwhile, Spencer visits Toby and gives the impression that despite the threats on his safety, she still wants to see him. All the while, Garrett shows up in the middle of a phone call arguing with Jenna about what happened the night before, the same night A lost his or her phone. Toby says that the tension is due to Jenna’s trepidation heading into another eye operation, but Spencer doesn’t seem so sure.

Hanna Spells Out the Setting of Every Horror Movie Ever

Spencer and Hanna aren’t on speaking terms the day after, so Spencer tries to smooth things over by offering her a weekend at the lake house. Hanna wants to extort a little more out of her guilt-ridden friend, in hopes that she can throw a surprise party for Caleb on the lake. She then goes on telling Lucas how the party would be so great because the lake house has a secluded dock, an old rowboat and I’m sure some ominous late-night fog rolling in off the lake. It seems like the perfect setting for A to seek out their revenge.

Lucas is Dirty

Emily’s suicide hotline volunteering turned up a surprising lead in their pursuit of A. A call came in the night of their encounter from someone questioning their ability to go on in light of blowing their mission. Emily and Spencer are there the next time the person calls in and discover that it’s Lucas. This instantly explains all of Lucas’ strange behavior earlier in this episode, but instead of threatening harm to himself, he vows that he will hurt others. Judging by the fact that he knows all about that secluded party for Caleb, the setting for a showdown is all set.

Lucas Hits Rock Bottom

Lucas makes another call to his hotline buddy, who he may or may not know is Emily. He says that he’s made his decision to possibly kill Hanna and maybe even Spencer. Emily worsens things by trying to talk him out of it and before we know it, Lucas is rowing Hanna out on…yup, you guessed it – a foggy lake. Hanna senses the danger and attacks Lucas while his back is turned, but the boat capsizes and forces Hanna to swim back to shore. Lucas is presumed dead.

The Aria and Ezra saga almost feels like it’s pulled from another show. It disconnects Aria completely from the story of A and above all, it’s a love affair where it would be hard to argue that they should actually be together. It seems to detract from the dominant focus of the show and becomes something I would like to fast forward. That’s a testament to the strength of the mystery of A; the scene where Lucas walks in on Spencer was enthralling and was topped only by a shadowy A pulling Lucas’ shoe out of the lake in the final scene. It’s getting good.

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