Will Dr. House soon diagnose his final bizarre disease? Will Fringe’s low ratings mean a sudden turn into non-existence? While final answers to these questions are weeks — and possibly months — in the future, we have gotten our first word from FOX about whether shows like House and Fringe might survive past this year.

FOX president Kevin Reilly spoke about both House and Fringe when addressing reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. It sounds like the future is uncertain for the two shows.

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An Unsure Diagnosis for House
There has been a lot of speculation over whether season 8 of House might be its last. The ratings for the show aren’t what they once were, even if they do remain respectable. The departure of Lisa Edelstein at the end of House season 7 was a blow to the show’s storylines and to fan confidence.

But will House survive?

Kevin Reilly does not seem willing to give an answer right now. And no final decision has been made. “I think I’ve been avoiding it,” Reilly admitted when talking about the House situation. Apparently, House‘s fate will depend on a meeting with House executive producer, probably some time this month. “We haven’t had the big meeting about what we want to do,” said Reilly. “We’re going to size everything up.”

If this is in fact the final season of House, fans can at least expect some series resolution before the end. “It’s not going to be an unceremonious ending,” assured Reilly.

On a less positive note, Reilly did confirm that there was little to no chance of any House spinoffs, saying that they would need to be “desperate” to keep some “vestige” of the series for that to happen.

The Dark Future of Fringe
Sorry, Fringe fans.

Of course, we knew this was the way the wind was blowing, but it’s still sort of depressing to learn that Fringe doesn’t have the support it once did on FOX.

Although Kevin Reilly referred to Fringe as “a point of pride” — valid considering its renewal in the face of chronically low ratings — the sci-fi show’s run may be over after four seasons. “It’s an expensive show,” explained Reilly. “We lose a lot of money on that show. On [Fridays], it’s almost impossible to make money on it. We’re not in the business of losing money.”

These fairly negative words did come with a thin, tarnished possibility of a silver lining: Fringe has not been canceled yet. And it does not sound like the series will end without a chance to wrap up storylines in a series finale. So there’s that.

Kevin Reilly is obviously hoping it will be enough. “Please don’t start the letter-writing campaign yet,” Reilly asked. “I can’t take it.”

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