I’m not lying!

Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) walked out on a polygraph test. Director Vance was present. Do you think he’ll wonder why? You know he will.

The NCIS cast members earn awards, honors, and welcome a baby

A marine comes to the aid of a person yelling for help. He is shot dead for his trouble. Poor guy walked in on a mob hit. His body is found in the ocean and he isn’t alone.  A mob informant bound in chains was taken for a dip off a pier. Not your average day at the beach. 

The FBI has files on more dead informants with ties to security company Cooper Hawks. NCIS polygraph specialist, Susan Grady had a second job there until the building blew up. The informants also had Judge Evelyn Wallace in common. The Judge believes in vigilante justice and thugs with bombs. She spectacularly fails a polygraph test in front of Gibbs and Fornell. Case closed your honor.

I had no objection to this episode. Let me put my reasons before you with the following evidence.

FBI agent Fornell (Joe Spano) again paired with Gibbs. They make quite a team. They each have their own way of doing things, inside and outside the legal line. Not saying one of them erases it he just redraws it a bit. Oh and nice beard Tobias.

Abby Sciuto was not happy with Susan around Tim McGee (Sean Murray) whom she has a thing for. He was uncomfortable at first. Later he invited Susan to dinner. What is happening to McAbby?

Jimmy Palmer is still seeing the mortuary cutie. They got matching henna ‘tattoos’ too bad Palmer is allergic to henna. Is this some kind of record for him, first girlfriend not to betray their country and end up shot?

Gibbs finally put on a pair of reading glasses. Can you believe it? Gibbs wearing glasses! The next thing we know he’ll have an iPhone. Where to find the best coffee? There’s an ‘app’ for that Gibbs.

Nice of Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) to point out Gibbs had never had a polygraph. Failing would mean the loss of his security clearance and probably his job. Had Gibbs committed a felony? He flashed back to shooting the killers of his wife and daughter in Mexico. He took off the leads instead of answering.

We are coming to the end of season seven. Gibbs quitting the polygraph is sure to come up again. To tell the truth I thought he’d beat it. I guess I had a false assumption. 

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-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

Jacky Jackman

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