Amid the barrage of high-profile splits that hounded Hollywood of late, Hugh Laurie has revealed for the very first time that the strenuous filming schedule for House is not making his 20-year marriage any “easier.”

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“Doing weekly TV is like joining the Navy and going to the other side of the world for 10 months of the year,” he tells Parade.

Laurie, 50, has been married to theater administrator Jo Green since 1989, who stays at their North London home with the kids Charlie, 20, Bill, 19, and Rebecca, 16.

When he got the high-profile role on House in 2004, the family decided against moving to Los Angeles.

“But the truth is that whatever challenging situation you’re in, somebody somewhere has got a much more extreme version. So I think one ought to shut up and not moan about it.”

Laurie has usually been reserved in talking about his personal life, and while he blames the grueling House schedule for putting a strain on his marriage, he says he remains “fascinated” with the character

Last episode of House, for instance, opened with him nekkid in the kitchen, then minutes later bringing in a transsexual prostitute to his best friend Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) date with ex-wife/new girlfriend. His motivations are complex as well.

“I think that’s part of an actor’s job, to love the character you play. I would be foolish not to go the distance playing him, how ever far that may be.”

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