From Ghost Whisperer to Love Bites, Jennifer Love Hewitt has had a number of brushes with the supernatural and romance. But her experiences on television just can’t compare to certain tragedies in real life, like the moments she cried to those times she got cheated on.

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Ever since her public split with co-star Jamie Kennedy, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s personal affairs have been sharing her spotlight. She talked to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM show recently, discussing the numerous instances of her exes’ infidelity.

Us Weekly reports her saying: “It’s brutal. Once I found out on television and that was awesome. And then another time I found them together … and that was, woooo! That was not good.”

She said that she’s been cheated on “a lot,” but that didn’t stop her from learning a lot as well. Hewitt admitted that being with Jamie Kennedy changed her, and she even dedicated her recent book, The Day I Shot Cupid, to him.

“We are sort of opposites — I am sort of this gushy hopeless romantic and he is sort of this realist,” the Ghost Whisperer star revealed. “So, he really taught me how to look at the reality of things like love whereas I had my head in the clouds before. He very much taught me some things and he taught me a lot about men and what they think.”

She also admitted that her book was one of the reasons she cried recently. Hewitt told OK Magazine, “I was moved by just being able to do something else I love.”

The 31-year-old actress also stated that she’s moving on from the guys she’s dated, even though these famous men just fall into her lap. Despite that though, she couldn’t help but divulge the identity of one celebrity she has her eye on lately.

“Rob Pattinson. His features are so striking, and I love that he has such a soft voice,” she said.

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While it’s impossible to just avoid all these men in the industry, Hewitt keeps herself busy with other projects instead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she’s been cast alongside Cybill Shepherd in an unnamed Lifetime original movie. Well, aside from the next Ghost Whisperer episode, we’re certainly waiting for that.

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