There’s no doubt that the WGA strike severely crippled NBC’s comedy series, Scrubs.  The show had been in the middle of completing its seventh and final season when the walkout commenced in November, and like many other series, was forced to shut down production.  As uncertainty loomed over the landscape of American television, hopes of giving Scrubs a proper farewell grew dimmer and dimmer.  Even now that a settlement has been reached, the network has yet to officially pick-up the rest of the episodes that will give closure to the series.

However, a ray of hope has been provided by TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, as the entertainment magazine’s resident gossip claims NBC is very willing to give Scrubs a much-deserved proper send-off.  The information comes courtesy of a show insider that said “the details are almost worked out,” which means there’s a very real possibility that the show will continue to play out onscreen and not on a DVD (which had been creator Bill Lawrence’s worst-case scenario).

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When the strike broke out last year, the writing team had only been able to churn out eleven of the 18 episodes that were supposed to comprise Scrubs‘ final season.  Out of those eleven episodes, only six were aired.  The remaining five will begin airing on April 10, although the number could change if NBC decides to pick up the rest of the season.

While the strike put Scrubs‘ final season in jeopardy, it did a lot of good for the writers.  It apparently also didn’t have any detrimental effects on the show’s stars, with lead actor Zach Braff even landing a project with rival network FOX during the walkout.  In December, the 32-year-old star entered into negotiations with the network to direct and executive-produce the drama Saint of Circumstance, the pilot of which was written by his brother, Adam.  The new show will star The Office‘s David Denman as Dwayne, a man who is having a midlife crisis, leaving his dead-end job to become a night shift paramedic.

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