On tonight’s episode of Nashville, “I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life,” Rayna and Luke set a wedding date but face opposition immediately. Scarlett tries to find the fun. Gunnar runs into someone from his past. Juliette is determined to tell Avery about the baby, but gets derailed.

Now that Rayna took that first step and used her personal life to promote her business, she’s back at the top of the charts, and she’s officially sold her soul to the devil. Photo shoots, blended personas (Ruke has been replaced by Layna), tweeting, hashtags: the whole bit. If you’re going to go, might as well go big.

Layna Lives

These two are so big, they have an entire team handling their brand. Now, nothing is off limits, including setting a date for the big day. While Rayna would prefer to discuss it in private, Luke says their hectic schedules require an immediate and scrutinized decision. It boils down to November or 2016. Rayna balks at putting together a wedding so quickly, but Luke is fully on board. 

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Papa Don’t Preach

Juliette’s in the throws of morning sickness, and has obviously decided to keep the baby. She calls Avery, and for a moment, it seems like she might break the news over the phone. Luckily, Glenn interrupts her because work waits for no woman. Not even one who’s knocked up.

Deacon and Maddie have definitely bonded over their shared misery of Rayna’s upcoming nuptials. To make matters worse, Deacon will be on the road with Luke, and Maddie’s stuck with Teddy, who she now has discarded pretty heartlessly. Deacon promises a week at his cabin that, little do the two know, will coincide with the dreaded wedding.

Lust and Lunges

Someone who is no longer benefiting from having his relationship in the spotlight is Will. His album is number two, Layla’s blackmailing him, and he’s still got the reality show cameras documenting his every move. He’s able to blow off steam during his workouts with hunky trainer, Tony (Cory Grant). He tells Tony he’ll miss their sessions when he’s on the road, but Tony says that there’s no reason he can’t accompany the rising country star. That little plan has disaster written all over it.

Crazier Than Usual

During rehearsal, Glenn and Emily discuss Juliettes’ more erratic than usual behavior. If she already wasn’t such a diva, she’d have no chance of keeping her pregnancy quiet. Emily thinks it might be a good idea to delay the screen test, but Glenn doesn’t want the producers to get nervous.

Parental Discretion Advised

Rayna tells the girls the wedding date, and Maddie has meltdown. She informs Rayna that she’s supposed to go fishing with Deacon at his cabin. This is news to Rayna. Then Maddie brings up the fact that her mother shot down Deacon’s proposal. Talk about getting blindsided.

Rayna goes to see Deacon and questions the appropriateness of him telling Maddie about his proposal. Rayna accuses him of making things more difficult, but Deacon isn’t interested in making things easy for his ex. She argues that he should be concerned in helping their daughter get through this big life change, together. He agrees. He also finds out that the wedding date has been set.

Live a Little

Scarlett is back to writing music, and while Jeanie makes it clear there is a need for female-driven material, Scarlett’s ballads aren’t likely to be a hot commodity. She tells the blonde waif with the soulful eyes that all the big buyers want fun material. She encourages Scarlett, who has been especially moody as of late, to get out and live a little.

Lovers’ Quarrel

Rayna calls Luke and tells him about Maddie’s morose reaction to their wedding date. She also lets him know that Deacon told her he proposed. Rayna, who was never on board with the rushed wedding, is now having even more doubts. Luke feels that Rayna is taking into consideration everyone’s feeling but his. He throws a hissy fit and hangs up on her.

An Unsolicited Advance

Juliette manages to pull herself together in time for a screen test for the Patsy Cline pic. She meets her would-be co star, Noah (Derek Hough). She crushes it, and Noah suggests they celebrate. Noah makes a move but is swiftly rebuffed. Noah asks if she’s seeing someone and she blames her lack of interest on her recent break up. Conveniently, Noah is nursing a broken heart as well. He seems to rehash their disastrous love lives, but Juliette begs off sick.

Drunk and Disorderly

Gunnar and Zoey convince Avery to get the band together to play “Barn-AROO.” This drunken free-for-all is a far cry from the Bluebird. Scarlett shows up hoping to get inspiration for a song. Also in attendance is Maddie, who is supposed to be at a friend’s backyard BBQ. This girl is wearing short shorts and swilling booze.

Gunnar runs into a blast from the past: Kiley (Alexa PenaVega). It’s been a decade since they’ve seen each other, and she’s just recently moved to town. The two chit chat briefly, and Gunnar introduces her to Zoey. It’s obvious he’s a bit flustered by the encounter, but he’s got bigger problems.

Avery, who has been drunk all season, decides to sing a scathing ode he wrote for Juliette. A choice neither Gunnar or Zoey is pleased about. I like drunk Avery far more than sober Avery.

Scarlett catches sight of Maddie with a sketchy looking guy and drags Maddie out of there ASAP. Maddie’s not upset to have Scarlett force her to leave the party. Both of them admit they weren’t having much fun, and they feel like outsiders more often than not. Scarlett says that not feeling like part of the in crowd is a big part of what makes Maddie an artist. She makes it clear that people like them feel very deeply but instead of sneaking out and acting up, they should write things down. Scarlett also promises not to narc Maddie out to either of her daddies. 

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From Bad to Unbearable

Things keep getting worse for Deacon. Now that Luke knows his rival for Rayna’s affections told Maddie he proposed, he’s out for blood. He cuts Deacon’s set down to the length of a Led Zeppelin song. Deacon confronts him and makes it clear that what he says to his daughter is none of Luke’s concern.

Layla and Will get ready to do their first show together when Jeff shows up. Looks like somebody forgot to give the head of the label a memo about this new arrangement. He views Will and Layla’s duet career suicide for his only moneymaker. Will takes the stage and leaves his blushing bride behind.

She raises holy hell, but Will makes it clear that when it comes to his career, Jeff calls the shots. Layla tells him to man up and find a way to put her in his set.

Juliette Seeks Advice

Rayna, not happy with the status quo of her relationship, decides to fly to see Luke. She surprises him on stage which is just another punch to the gut for poor Deacon. Luke decides to serenade Rayna with a song he wrote for her. This drives Deacon into his dressing room where Juliette happens to be waiting.

He’s not exactly hospitable. She’s come looking for love advice. Talk about bad timing. Juliette tells Deacon she still loves Avery, but there’s a third party involved. His advice is for her to come clean about everything or set him free.

Making Up is Hard to Do

Zoey and Gunnar have it out. She’s pea green with envy that Gunnar and Scarlett were working together, and now, there’s another girl in the picture. Gunnar admits that Kiley was his first love. Gunnar wants Zoey to like her because Kiley is practically family. Family he hasn’t seen in a decade. The likelihood of Kiley and Zoey sharing the same traveling pants is highly unlikely.

Rayna has figured out a way for her and Luke to push the wedding back a month. She suggests they combine tours into one blowout honeymoon extravaganza.

While Will decides to blow off steam with Tony, Layla goes to see Jeff. She informs him that he will make sure her next album is gold. If not, she’ll out Will.

Juliette struggles for the words and courage to tell Avery about the baby. As she waits outside his place to break the news, he shows up with his latest groupie. Juliette gets to see him suck serious face with another woman. Once again, her timing is off. Little does she know that the groupie is the freaky type, and Avery sends her off into the night, shirtless and sexually dissatisfied.

Gunnar and Kiley continue to reconnect, Juliette breaks her baby news to Rayna, Avery is actually a big cry baby, and Deacon’s making time with a rode hard and put up wet back-up singer.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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